Keeping Food Fresh on the Go

Propeller was proud to work with Mexican street food connoisseurs Wahaca on a fresh, new website.

It needed to showcase an updated brand, with a focus on developing content for each location, while making the site super easy to navigate and food as accessible as possible. The priority for Wahaca was opening up the UK to the colourful world of possibilities with Mexican food.

The Approach

Based on the popularity of Wahaca’s Instagram account Propeller created a picture menu so users can get a more rounded sense of each dishe, with just a quick click through to go to the full menu listing complete with dietary filters and easy to navigate sub menus.

With over 65% of traffic hitting the site being mobile the team at Propeller prioritised the design of regions that would scale down beautifully, without losing the impact of the bold and graphic design.

The Results

This approach resulted in:

  • Growth of 43% new users.
  • Bookings boosted by 64% over the course of the year.

By Propeller: The specialists in food and drink

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With over 20 years of experience in website design for food and drink brands, Propeller can deliver:

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Striking imagery and the right amount of product knowledge is key to website design for food and drink brands, they collaborate to put your products in the best possible light with an exceptional customer experience at its core.

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