Emote Digital Provided Sutton with the Tools for Success

Emote Digital needed a brand new website to be fast, responsive and to make data management easy. With the help of the Sutton Tools, Emote Digital wanted to allow customers to quickly reach what they were searching for.

Getting the Right Tools for the Job

Sutton Tools didn’t just need a website, they needed an online experience for their customers that would make getting the right tools easy.

The Challenge

Turning Sutton Tools in an Accessible, Digital Brand

As the largest manufacturer of cutting tools in Australia, they needed a brand new website that would make data management easy.

With over 21,000 products to showcase, the website needed to be fast and responsive, allowing customers to quickly locate what they were looking for.

Emote didn’t just want to create an online catalog — the website needed to demonstrate that Sutton Tools are also industry leaders with a wealth of knowledge and experience to back them up. With multi-region support, Emote knew they needed to create a website that would work just as well at home as it would when you’re out on a job.

So they got to work on building a sleek and modern user interface.

The Approach

How do you turn an extensive catalog of tools into one easy-to-use website?

Emote had to create something brand new — the ‘Expert Tool Selector.’ A step-by-step selector that allows users to input data about the type of job, down to the material and setup, and instantly receive expertly recommended tool advice.

This changed the website from something that you would simply browse, to a site that actively drives conversions. Manual data entry was not an option, so Emote built a complex ERP integration system to accommodate over 21,000 products to manage inventory.

Coupled with multi-site implementation across Australia, Asia, and Europe and a mobile-first responsive design Emote knew that the website needed to be as tough and durable as Sutton Tools.


The Outcome

The new website feels both modern and fresh, with a powerful automated system making sure that stock levels are always accurate. With over 21,000 products housed in an easy-to-navigate website that puts mobile-first, Emote knew they couldn’t compromise on content or imagery.

Getting the right tool for the job has never been easier with the launch of the Expert Tool Selector. Not only does this drive purchasing but it also allows anyone, from home renovation rookies to experienced tradies, to find exactly the right tool for the task — every time.

Emote also created a News and Blogs tab so customers can find out the latest advice from the experts and keep them up to date with any new products.

The results are a website that can quickly find what you need — even when you’re on-site and all you have is your mobile.

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