SEO Expert

Webtures is looking for an SEO Expert to join their team in İstanbul.

Employer: Webtures

Location: Istanbul / MENA

Position: SEO Expert


We are looking for an experienced SEO Expert to join our team. He/she will be responsible from fundamental Search Engine Optimization Expert tasks such as keyword analysis, on-site optimization, content development and strategy creation, site supervision, competitive analyses and defining social media related priorities that will help all works of our customers, generating link building in-site and out-of-site, determining new needs through tracking the industry and competitors.

General Qualities:

    • 3-4 years of Search Engine Optimization experience, preferably in more than one business
    • A proven achievement certificate on increasing density, creating awareness and increasing site authority through site visibility for keywords and reliable native link building in big search engines
    • To be able to successfully manage customer workflow, to be able to deliver projects / reports on time
    • To be able to work independently, being an expert on search engine optimization
    • Having a comprehensive knowledge of in-site and out-of-site link building analysis tools for Search Engine Optimization such as SearchMetrics, MOZ, Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, Opensite Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools, Link Research Tools, Yandex Metrica, and Google Analytics
    • Proven experience in Search Engine Optimization theory and used techniques (network ranking, link analysis, data analysis etc.), knowledge about the difference between front-end development and back-end development
    • Adapting to the team and to be able to develop various creative techniques

    Job Description:

    • To conduct multiple tasks about Search Engine Optimizations including planning, management and account setup, strategy development, organization and non-observant management
    • To define success metrics for Search Engine Optimization success, to develop and manage high-quality notifications. To regularly observe Search Engine Optimization data for descents and ascents, to help define new opportunities for customers
    • To observe website activities and rankings monthly and with temporary reports, to use Search Engine Optimization tools for analyzing and optimizing
    • To track rivals and the industry regarding link building and to develop different effective strategies according to changing conditions
    • To provide Search Engine Optimization expertise for keyword searches, reporting, social media, local search, display and video optimization, digital value optimization and mobile search for customers
    • To manage daily communication with customers about any subject related to Search Engine Optimization. To help in plans and strategies with best experiences, presentation skills and other members of the team
    • To follow trends in Search Engine Optimization, to ensure ranking first in website rankings and to define new opportunities, to perform cautious research about Search Engine Optimization and to resolve problems

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