In Marketing We Trust Publish Definitive Google Analytics 4 Implementation White Paper

In Marketing We Trust have published a definitive white paper on Google Analytics 4 implementation. The detailed document is free to download and provides easy-to-read, definitive instructions on how to set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

For any online business owner, analyst, or marketer wishing to understand the benefits of GA4 and to make a clear plan for implementing the new solution from Google this is a must-read guide.

Written by the experienced data team at In Marketing We Trust, it provides step-by-step instructions for the smooth implementation of the new analytics package.

As a Certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, In Marketing We Trust is amongst only 20 companies in Australia that have been certified by Google to implement the new GA4 solution.

You can download the free guide on How to Setup Google Analytics 4 here.

The end of June 2022 is the date from which efficient online companies will be working fully in GA4. This will give them 12 months of data for analysis when Universal Analytics stops processing new analytics data permanently from 1st July 2023.

Getting that 12-month data set recorded in GA4 provides a comprehensive view of seasonality and having more data improves the machine learning models within GA4.

As marketers prepare for those deadlines the ‘How to Setup Google Analytics 4’ white paper gives clear information on what to do at each stage of the implementation process. Whether businesses are migrating to GA4 from Universal Analytics or setting up GA4 from scratch all the information needed is contained in the document.

In this in-depth guide In Marketing We Trust set out how to implement GA4 in five distinct stages: Prepare, Discover, Design, Implement, and Launch. Each stage is important and anyone can set up GA4 – but few know how to do it correctly. This whitepaper shows you how to work through each step of the process effectively and logically.

Having already migrated dozens of companies from Universal Analytics to GA4, Head of Digital Analytics at In Marketing We Trust Benoit Weber explains:

GA4 empowers businesses to gain a greater understanding of multi-platform, multi-device customer journeys, whilst also respecting user privacy compliance regulations.

One of the clients Weber has already successfully implemented Google Analytics 4 for is Academia del Futuro.

The company’s Managing Director for Marketing Ilana Bielak commented:

Working with In Marketing We Trust will give Academia del Futuro the business visibility needed to make data-driven decisions by taking full advantage of our cross-channel and in-app marketing strategies. Being able to measure and understand how our campaigns make an impact, as well as how the user flow within our website and our apps are being used, is crucial for us to improve on a day-to-day basis and ensure that our primary-education app for children is always on the spot whilst learning all about our users’ needs.

The transition to GA4 is set to disrupt every digital market. The change will see some of the older digital dominators fall, replaced by emerging new players: smaller companies with smaller budgets but smarter marketing teams – using GA4’s sharper insights, integrations, and AI to maximize every touchpoint.

Universal Analytics stops processing new analytics data from 1st July 2023, so it’s advised to have GA4 in place by the end of June 2022. Within the next few weeks, you need to know how you will implement and use the new platform, then plan for that transition.

You will be required to use GA4 and doing that sooner rather than later is the wise move. Getting set up proficiently in Google Analytics 4 means you are future-proofing your business to prepare for the new landscape beyond the use of third-party cookies, whilst being GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Time is ticking, so get started today by downloading the definitive How to Setup Google Analytics 4 White Paper.

In Marketing We Trust provides full GA4 implementation and configuration services, including support, training, and custom solutions.

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