Tangent Launch New Brand Identity and Website Built Upon Renewed Proposition

Digital product agency, Tangent, have introduced a new website and brand identity to complement their renewed business proposition.

The new website, built and designed in-house, showcases the agency’s ethos of future-readiness, with their commitments to people, planet and purpose now taking the spotlight across all channels.

Tangent have also restructured their core service offerings into four distinct disciplines, encompassing: Strategy & Consultancy, Customer Experience & Design, Tech & Engineering and Business Architecture & Change.

Regarding Tech & Engineering, the agency will continue to leverage relationships with tech vendors like Contentful and Umbraco to produce composable architectures that allow quick optimisation and boast greater sustainability credentials.

Across Customer Experience & Design, the agency calls upon their experienced team of designers and UX specialists to consider the wider context of digital products and their end-to-end journeys, resulting in products that have real impact on people.

Business Architecture & Change refers to the agency’s belief that transforming a business goes beyond tech. Tangent’s experts will work with brands to align organisational structures with strategic goals and ensure teams are equipped and empowered to drive desired changes.

In the execution of each discipline, Tangent will also call upon expertise in Strategy & Consulting. In order to produce digital products that stand the test of time, Tangent believe that tapping into consultative services and considering the journey from end-to-end will produce the most actionable strategy.

CEO of Tangent, Leigh Gammons, said:

Our business is all about ensuring our clients are future-ready, and this is now stronger and clearer than ever before. The team have worked tirelessly to deliver a website that not only looks world class, but is a working example of our beliefs which have become central to our renewed proposition and services.

About Tangent

Tangent is a digital product agency that helps enterprise organisations build future-ready digital experiences, products, and capabilities with a focus on People, Planet & Purpose. Our experts specialise across four core areas: Strategy & Consultancy, Customer Experience & Design, Technology & Engineering and Business Architecture & Change. Tangent’s workforce is truly global, with team members across the UK, Spain, South Africa, Pakistan and beyond. Tangent’s clients include SAP, Reed, IWG and UK Power Networks for whom their work claimed multiple awards from BIMA, The Drum, Prolific North and Umbraco in 2023.