Brave Bison Won the Best B2B Project in the MACH Alliance Impact Awards

As Brave Bison, we are delighted to announce that we have won the prestigious Best B2B Project in the MACH Alliance Impact Awards for our collaboration with MKM.

The MACH Impact Awards, organized by the MACH Alliance, recognize the most innovative and impactful commerce projects worldwide that utilize MACH strategies. These awards aim to highlight the tangible difference made by solving complex technical problems and achieving measurable business value. They showcase cutting-edge technology stacks that surpass commerce objectives and are future-proofed.

Exceeding Targets Ahead of Schedule

Our partnership with MKM, along with our esteemed partners, BigCommerce, Vue Storefront, and Bloomreach, achieved a ground-breaking milestone in composable commerce. MKM’s advanced platform now features an intelligent and adaptable product search function that caters to shoppers’ behaviour and offers highly personalized experiences by remembering user preferences. This results in a tailored customer journey, presenting carefully curated product collections and targeted suggestions.

This platform marks a significant departure from MKM’s previous legacy system, which suffered from navigation issues, slow page loading, and high maintenance costs. However, the challenges didn’t end there; they also needed to address the management of tens of thousands of product SKUs, lacking localized and personalized B2B, B2C, and B2B2C shopping experiences across different regions.

To overcome these challenges, the new MKM website adopted a headless architecture consisting of four essential components:

  • The BigCommerce Platform
  • The Vue Storefront Front-end
  • The Bloomreach Suite
  • A Middleware Layer

Since its launch in August 2022, the revamped platform has already showcased promising results for the brand. MKM has reported the following:

  • A 42% increase in site traffic compared to the previous year.
  • A 75% improvement in average page load speed.
  • A 77% boost in average time spent on each page.
  • A 26% increase in total web orders.
  • An impressive 82% increase in revenue.

If you would like to learn more about this success story, you can read the complete case study. Additionally, if you’re interested in composable commerce, we have a comprehensive whitepaper that details everything you need to know about this industry-disrupting headless architecture.

If you’re ready to build an award-winning and future-proofed tech stack, feel free to get in touch with us.

About Brave Bison

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