How to Start Growth Mapping With Customer Profiling

There are many ways to grow your business, but Zest Digital has found Growth Mapping to be the most effective.

This process will help businesses to identify and categorize different types of customers based on their individual needs and preferences so that they can tailor their offerings to those needs. The goal is to reach as many of your target customers with the message that resonates with them.

In this article you’ll find;

1. What is Growth Mapper?

2. Why use a customer profiling tool?

3. How to start Growth Mapping with customer profiling

4. Customer profile examples

5. Video Walkthrough and worksheet download

What Is Growth Mapper?

Growth Mapper is a framework designed to help businesses build a growth strategy. It’s broken down into 9 sections and provides the tools to create businesses, Profile, Position, and Profit plans. In this article Zest Digital break down how to build a Customer Profile for your business, and how doing so can help to increase revenue.

Why Use a Customer Profiling Tool?

One of the most important ways to grow your business is by identifying and categorizing different types of customers.

This process will help businesses to identify and categorize their different types of customers based on their individual needs and preferences so that they can tailor their offering to the customer’s specific needs. The goal is to reach as many of your target customers with the right message that resonates with them.

This article provides the tools necessary to profile your customer and position your business to match.

How to Start Growth Mapping With Customer Profiling

The workbook download provides a way for you to create an accurate customer profile. It helps you to define the demographics, job roles and also problems your customers may be experiencing.

The workbook then assists in positioning your business so that it suits the needs of your target customers.

To make your marketing more relevant and engaging, you need to consider customer personas.

The following thought-provoking exercise has been designed for that purpose: splitting a circle into eight wedges with different criteria like “Job Role” or “Pain Points.”

Starting clockwise from the top left corner (the Job Role), Zest Digital work their way around the wheel adding notes about who is being targeted, how it’s being done so far, as well as their motivation behind buying products of yours.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you already know how important defining your ideal customer profile is. But just in case: this exercise will help to determine who would be most interested in which products/services your company provides.

Let them show you a quick example of the type of information needed so that they can get started on building an effective customer profile.

Download the worksheet below to make a start defining your ideal customer profile.

Customer Profile Example

The following image is an example of a customer profile that Zest Digital strive to serve. Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Managing Directors are their ideal customers; they have the power in their hands to make decisions on behalf of the business.

Knowing this, they can narrow down their customer profile further by defining demographics; in this case, they aged 35-44 and 45-54, with 60% being male.

The findings from this exercise are helping us optimize Zest Digital’s own marketing to reach the right audience. They’re using them to hone in on who they want, and make theirr offering more attractive for those who need it most!

The next step in planning your growth strategy is to figure out how the people you want to attract will find or be introduced to you.

For example, if most of theirr customers are men over 35 years old who work for a business and live nearby then they might see even hear about us via local publications, read reviews they’ve received online from satisfied clients.

In other way the customers get word-of-mouth referrals by friends that have had positive experiences with their service already or saw one of their ads online — in short, it could come down any number of ways!

Different channels and communication methods are important for businesses to understand, so they can focus on the areas that will have the most impact.

When you’ve mapped out who your ideal customer is, it’s time to start thinking about how they’ll find and interact with your business. The experience should be tailored just for them in order to make sure that their needs are met the right way every single time.

Customer profiling is a powerful tool for marketers, especially when used with other tools like sales journey mapping.  As they’ve discussed, the goal is to help identify who your ideal customers are so that they feel connected with your company from day one.

It means being clear about their demographics, job roles, pain points and what makes them choose products/services over competitors’ offerings.

Ready to start mapping your business growth? Download the free Profiling workbook and get started today.

Watch the video walkthrough to help you get started!

The Growth Mapper framework has been designed to help you understand the opportunities and challenges of your business growth.

The Zest Digital starts with fundamentals like understanding where your company stands now, looking at obstacles that have or are impeding progress in key areas such as targeting, messaging & channels, before going into more detail on how best to move forward based on what they find during the workshop. Also, read more about Using Content Ideas to Map Growth Opportunities and Growing Revenue Using Sales Interactions articles as further reading.