How Nifty Marketing Australia Increased MI Painting & Maintenance’s Organic Traffic by 200%

Nowadays, every business wants to enhance its online visibility. Organic traffic is essential for the success of any website. However, achieving significant increases in organic traffic can feel like a tough task. This SEO case study will show the journey of MI Painting & Maintenance, a company that initially had little online visibility but eventually turned around its fortunes and became one of the top websites due to a well-researched SEO action plan.

The objective of this project was to increase the number of people who visit the site through search engines. With the strategic execution, we achieved and increased the site’s traffic organically by 200%. Let’s begin and explore how we helped this client to get its online growth with ease!

The Challenge

MI Painting & Maintenance approached us with a clear objective: dramatically increase their organic website traffic. Their website previously saw minimal traffic and their online presence was virtually nonexistent.

They lacked a proper keyword strategy, their website content offered little value to users, and their technical SEO was far from optimized. Moreover, their SEO data structure did not meet any reasonable standards either. Thus, their website’s online performance was below average.

Our Approach

Our team at Nifty Marketing Australia recognised the need for a comprehensive SEO strategy that addressed multiple aspects of the client’s website. Here are some of the key strategies which we implemented:

In-Depth Keyword Research: Our team did a detailed keyword analysis to find out which keywords were common and difficult to rank for on search engines in order to compile a list of terms that would be perfect for writing our blog posts. These keywords formed the foundation for our content creation and optimisation efforts.
Content Strategy and Development: We developed a content strategy with priority on production of high-quality targeted content to answer user questions and also optimised landing pages, website copy and blog posts.
On-Page Optimisation: We implemented on-page optimisation techniques to improve the website’s structure, meta descriptions, title tags, and internal linking structure. This ensured search engines could easily crawl and understand the website’s content.
Technical SEO Audit and Implementation: A comprehensive technical SEO audit identified and addressed technical issues impacting website performance. This included factors like website speed, mobile-friendliness, and structured data implementation.
Link Building Strategy: We executed a white-hat link-building strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks from relevant websites. Backlinks are crucial for signaling authority and improving website ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).
Data-Driven Optimisation and Reporting: We kept observing the website traffic, keyword rankings, among other essential SEO metrics. Therefore, we have constantly been refining our strategy, as well as the tactics used in furthering it, by analysing these numbers.

The Results

The outcomes that were realised are a clear indication of how the SEO campaign was able to bear fruits. Actually, through the implementation of the above strategies within twelve months’ time, we were able to achieve local domination, as evidenced by the following:


Organic Traffic Increased by 200%: We delivered a decent 200% growth in organic traffic to the client’s website from a low base, resulting in a notable increase in website visitors as well as potential leads.

Top Keyword Rankings: Some of the keywords hit the top positions on the search engine results pages boosting the visibility of the client’s site in the targeted audience through organic searches.

Increased Brand Awareness: There was a significant increase in brand recognition because of the explosion in organic traffic as well as better search engine rankings. The client’s website became a recognised painting company within their targeted areas.
Improved Conversion Rates: We noticed that the site visitors became more relevant and so did conversion rates. This implies an increased percentage of visitors taking desired actions like contacting the client or making purchases.


The transformation of MI Painting & Maintenance website underwent was through keyword research, content creation, on-page optimisation, technical SEO, and link building. This comprehensive SEO case study offers irrefutable evidence about the sheer mightiness of search engine optimization that is appropriately executed.

A respective 200% increase in organic traffic has been attained while brand awareness significantly enhanced. For such companies that wish to have a strong online presence and support their growth in a reliable manner, this triumphant story spotlights the gravitas of putting resources into SEO efforts.

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