ProperExpression Helped a Healthcare Tech Company Drive $455k in New Revenue

ProperExpression revitalized the growth marketing strategy, CRM, paid ads, and brand positioning of a healthcare tech company.

About the Client

The client’s technology provides solutions to help healthcare providers and pharmacists engage with their patients to achieve better health outcomes and to positively impact the provider’s bottom line. The software analyzes patient and clinical data and provides insights and next steps for promoting clinical interventions and more efficient pharmacy workflows.

The Challenge

Limited Brand Clarity & Recognition

Coupled with the lack of brand recognition, the brand’s positioning and messaging were unclear, placing a strain on generating high-quality leads and resonating with ideal consumers.

Limited Organic & Paid Presence

Content creation was lacking a thoughtful, effective SEO strategy, negatively impacting organic traffic and rankings. Paid ads and landing pages were not conversion-optimized.

Ineffective CRM

The CRM could not perform capabilities necessary for nurturing leads, and the database lacked sophistication and segmentation of audiences to enable tailored communication.

The Solution

Revitalization & Restructuring of the Brand

ProperExpression re-envisioned and elevated the brand and website through a meaningful content strategy, powerful conversion rate optimized design, strong visual messaging and intelligently structured SEO. These efforts aimed to enhance the digital face of the company that supported the corporate realignment in the pursuit of enterprise clients.

CRM Migration, Lead Nurturing & Audience Segmentation

The ProperExpression team migrated existing data to a more cost-effective, strategic CRM and created email nurturing campaigns and workflows for segmented audiences, with content tailored to each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Positioning, Landing Page Creation & Paid Ads

In support of paid ad campaigns across several platforms, ProperExpression instituted keyword-rich and conversion rate-optimized landing pages with improved product positioning. Bid strategies, target keywords and placement strategies were monitored and optimized on a daily basis to generate above-average ROAS.

The Results

Through an omnichannel marketing strategy, ongoing content creation, implementation of proper analytics and tracking, brand refresh and website redesign, ProperExpression set the client up for continuous success in closing new business and enhancing overall brand awareness and visibility.

  • 92% ROI over 15 months
  • $455k total revenue generated
  • 70% YoY ad revenue growth

About ProperExpression

ProperExpression blends art, data science and digital innovation to deliver creative solutions to quantifiable problems. The strategies and tactics we execute for clients manifest into multi-channel campaigns that directly impact the bottom line. With a results-driven culture and strong emphasis on tracking and data analytics, we work closely with sales teams to push deals across the finish line, maximizing the ROI of every marketing dollar.