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Audi’s Sandbox Is The New VR Experience For Big Kids

Audi creates a new virtual reality campaign inspired by the children’s sandboxes.

The campaign is designed by the Norwegian creative agency POL. Titled Enter Sandbox, Audi Norway combined a sandbox installation with virtual reality to enable the drivers test-drive the new model of Q5. The Sandbox 2.0 VR experience’s digital production is prepared by MediaMonks.

The sand is scanned by a depth-sensing camera, from which a VR atmosphere is rendered. This involves bombarding the sand with short beams of infrared light with over 200,000 measurement points captured by an infrared camera.

Let’s watch the intro of the experience, here:

After they built their own track, users weave the landscape they’ve just created using an Audi A5 accompanied by realistic bumps, turns and an immersive experience.

Audi Norway’s Manager of Marketing Tommy Jensen, says in a prepared statement,

For many of us, playing with cars in the sandpit is a distant memory. Let’s face it, the opportunity rarely presents itself once you pass a certain age. The Sandbox 2.0 is a state-of-the-art toy for kids and adults. It provides a platform to rekindle the joys of driving and demonstrate the assets of the Q5 and the quattro technology in a playful and accessible way.

While the idea was originated in Norway, it will be available to other countries and markets following the launch phase. According to the brand, the world-leading technology can travel with the sandbox, which is specifically designed for easy transportation. This will ensure that the fun is soon available around the world.

Seems like while the sandbox experience is taking us back to the childhood, VR mixes it with the future. We can’t wait for the international roll out then!

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