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Flightpath Shares A Downloadable SEO Audit Checklist

Flightpath is a creative digital agency based in New York City. They wanted to support anyone interested in SEO with a very comprehensive audit checklist.

The internet is being used by more than half of the world population at the moment, according to the latest research. Hereby, search engines have been the main points of contact for any type of information you would like to acknowledge.

In lot of countries’ law system, you must have a website so as to have an official company. It has become more and more important to have accurate data on the internet. All the companies want to be the first one to come up in Google search. However, it is not very easy.

Users do not prefer to click the websites appearing there with a Google ad any more. What matters is to have an organic content on your website. Therefore, Google algorithm works and considers your website as an original and organic one and gives you higher rank in the search engine. This is how search engine optimization (SEO) has had such a significant role for all agencies, digital agencies, companies, etc.


What is in the checklist?

It is a very inclusive to-do-list which can help you to optimize on-page and off-page tips.
Flightpath’s SEO audit checklist has wider explanation for each important topics of which you should be aware. These topics include UX, protocol, head tags, URLs, body tags, internal links, page architecture, site architecture, social media, site verification, measurement and analytics.

If you do not know how to optimize any of them, do not worry and deep dive in their checklist, which can make you a master in SEO.

Want to see your content here?

It’s the right time to go global! List your agency among the leaders of the industry, promote your works, create original content and find your new team members!


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