Hopscotch Releases the Secrets of Success: Small Business Playbook

20% of small businesses will fail in their first year. Another 30% will fail in their second year. Why do some survive, while others fizzle? To find out, Hopscotch went straight to the source.

Hopscotch asked 150+ small teams to anonymously share what goes on behind the scenes of success. Not the super polished version; the raw unedited real-life look at what it takes to spin up a business and keep it moving forward.

Then they evaluated the trends and compiled the results into a playbook so you could hear it directly from the source – juicy confessions, hot takes, and nuggets of wisdom from people who have been in your shoes.

The result? A digestible play-by-play guide of behaviors, habits, and hacks you can use to grow any small business—perfect for agencies, solopreneurs, and full-time freelancers. Learn from the mistakes others have made, improve your mindset, and unlock growth opportunities. Download it for free here.

The team at Hopscotch supports small teams of all shapes and sizes with simple invoicing and bill pay, instant payments, and cash flow management tools. These easy-to-use financial products provide a solid foundation for any business that wants to get paid on time, manage client relationships successfully, and keep growing month-over-month. But even the savviest solopreneurs, freelancers, and agency owners will hit bumps in the road.

For this project, they wanted to hear more about the nitty-gritty experience of running a small business—habits and behaviors, insecurities and fears, tricks of the trade and confessions, hacks and insights. They wanted to create a space where people in the driver’s seat could be honest.

So they asked: “What’s the secret of success?”

150+ small teams anonymously divulged secrets (the good, the bad, and the ugly) about what it really takes to be successful. Then Hopscotch broke down the responses, identified recurring trends, and created a summary of actionable takeaways.

Download the playbook for free to get tips, strategies, and insights for growing your small business.

Bret Lawrence – Head of Content at Hopscotch said:

These stories are funny, powerful, relatable, endearing, and insightful. We’re thrilled to bring this data to life and share it with more small business owners. Fostering honest conversations like this and empowering small business owners is at the heart of what we do at Hopscotch.