Flightpath Redefined Merck Animal Health’s Digital Image To Drive Sales And Connect With a Larger Audience

Merck Animal Health’s long-time collaboration with Flightpath made the company connect with both pet lovers and professionals.

Merck Animal Health is a global leader in the animal pharmaceutical space, providing research, development, and veterinary medicine sales. Through a 10+ year relationship with the company, Flightpath has redefined its digital image to drive sales and connect with a larger audience of pet people. The creative strategy focuses on two key components:

  • Educating and engaging with animal health professionals
  • Optimizing consumer touchpoints and resonating with pet lovers

The Solve

Merck’s natural niche exists among pet lovers from every background. Flightpath’s digital marketing strategy and creative work leverage this emotional connection to engage pet parents and professionals in a deeply resonant, difference-making way. They work across a broad swath of Merck’s Animal Health portfolio, targeting vet and shelter professionals and pet parents by:

  • Driving strategic opportunities through professional education and communication
  • Deploying purposeful, sustainable digital experiences
  • Building the Merck Animal Health team’s digital IQ


How and Why

Flightpath’s work with Merck Animal Health spans across the board, with dynamic tactics, tools, and creative for a variety of products. All of the agency’s work is backed by well-researched strategies that ensure quality user experience and engagement related to these services:

Digital Strategy:

Working collaboratively with their clients to identify audience segments, creative messaging and pertinent digital touchpoints to achieve business objectives.

Web and Mobile App Development:

Creation of a series of branded and cross-portfolio digital assets to educate, inform and engage pet parents and animal health professionals.


Ensuring high search engine visibility for all properties.

Social Media:

Content marketing, community management and customer service all enter into their consumer-focused social strategy.


Impactful, targeted messaging for animal health professionals and pet parents.


In the end, Flightpath’s strategy improved Merck Animal Health’s digital presence to a great extent. Overall website traffic increased by 270%, organic traffic increased by 345%, Facebook fans increased by 800K and email newsletter subscription increased by 377%.

About Flightpath

Flightpath is a creative digital agency based in NYC. They help organizations of all sizes navigate the complexity of today’s digital world to achieve results.