Marketing Strategy for a New-to-Market App from Emote Digital

Looking for the Best Ride? Best Ride is a start-up right here in Australia that takes the guesswork out of getting the best rideshare deal. The app compares prices to find you the lowest price. They have their sights set on something big — going global.

Emote Digital compares, you save. Best Ride had a brilliant idea. They compare the prices from every rideshare app available to find you the cheapest price.

Launching a completely new brand is always a challenge, especially as the rideshare space has rapidly become more crowded.

Emote Digital knew the key to success would be to demonstrate Best Ride’s point of difference — helping users find the best value. They needed to quickly get this message across without overwhelming an already busy market.

This meant Emote Digital had to identify the prime demographic and the best channels to reach them. To do this they had to create a friendly, yet informative tone of voice with matching visuals across social media.

The Approach

Getting the Best Value

Best Ride had amazing potential but Emote Digital needed to start small to make sure they were targeting the right people. They began with a moderate social media spend in order to identify their central audience. Once they had located the ideal demographic they scaled up on both their search and social advertising, which they backed up with incredible-looking social media feeds.

Emote Digital created a suite of digital advertising to lead customers directly to the app store in order to shorten the user journey and drive downloads. Emote Digital saw great success with both iOS and Android across their two pilot states, NSW and QLD, quickly followed by expanding across Australia. By starting small Emote Digital ensured that when they scaled up, they found success.

As with any start-up, it was vital for Best Ride to utilise two key streams for brand awareness — Search and Social.

Emote Digital leveraged search engine advertising to ensure any searches for cheap rideshares would display Best Ride. It was a testament to the initial idea that there were plenty of people looking for easy ways to find the cheapest ride.

Getting the brand seen was crucial. As the campaign grew Emote Digital identified new opportunities along the way for further marketing. This included the corporate rideshare market on LinkedIn which they advertised to with great success.

Emote Digital backed up their advertising with an amazing organic social presence. Bright and informative socials allowed them to tell Best Ride’s story and engage their target market, whilst also informing potential users about the service. Showing off that Best Ride was a vibrant and growing brand that helped solidify its place in the market.


The Outcomes

Hitting the Road

Emote Digital has seen Best Ride go from strength to strength.

Not only do they have a clear brand that is complemented by engaging social media marketing and advertising, but they have also carved out a clear niche in the market.

Emote Digital has seen thrilling results as they have helped bring this new app company to market.

  • 10,000 app downloads over a 6 month period
  • 7.15% conversion rate from Google Ads
  • $3.84 cost per conversion on Google Ads
  • 5M+ impressions via social
  • 4.4% engagement rate across social posts

Best Ride has solidified its brand and has got its sights set on a new goal — going global with the help of Emote.

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