Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange 2018

IEN’s Digital Assets and Content Leadership Exchange 2018 will take place on 22-24 January at the AMA Executive Conference Center in New York.

Discount:$200IEN’s Digital Assets and Content Leadership Exchange 2018 is for practical strategies to enable you to keep up with the increasing complexity and quickening pace of asset management and delivery.

Topics Include:

• How to extract greater value from your digital assets
• Managing rights data to get the MOST out of content licensing
• Rich Metadata—Your key to new monetization opportunities
• Preserving and leveraging your brand history through digital asset management
• Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Secrets to achieving a more sustainable creative workflow
• ‘Off-the-shelf’ vs. ‘build-it-yourself’—what is the best software solution for you?​​

Why you should attend?

• Learn from the best—network with leading minds in digital workflow and asset organization.
• Discover how to prepare your teams for the challenges of today—AND get a head start on the obstacles of tomorrow.
• Evaluate your digital roadmap! What are you getting right and where can you improve?
• Develop an actionable strategy to take your digital asset organization efforts to the next level!

IEN is focused on producing practical, actionable, and content-driven events. They personally interview literally hundreds of people in each conference’s topic area, discovering their on-the-job problems, issues and concerns.

Glenn Rush, Visual Design Lead at, said;

I look forward to developing the relationships formed, and would like to thank IEN for hosting.

Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange 2018 is practitioner led and focused on the current challenges facing asset and content managers, how to generate additional value from your assets and content, the ins-and-outs of the evolving role, career path planning, and strategies to elevate your position within the organization.

DAN Global is one of the media partners for the Digital Assets and Content Leadership Exchange 2018!

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Don’t miss out!This event is organized by Incite Group
on 22-24 January 2018,
in New York.