Digital Age Tech Summit 2022

Digital Age Tech Summit 2022, organized by Kapital Medya, will take place on the 25th of May, online.

Digital Age Tech Summit, which is the address of the changes and the trends that will shape the near future, ranging from finance to health, from retail to consumer electronics, from social life to digital cultures, will continue to host inspiring subjects and guests that touch and add value to life in 2022.

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Topics Include:

  • Human Experience: From education to work life, from socialisation to shopping. Various practices are being transported onto online platforms. Which Technologies will transform the consumer and user experience into a human experience?
  • Responsible and Inclusive Data: Eliminating data injustice, creating inclusive data systems free from prejudices, building a transparent data ecosystem. More than ever we need examples that respond to the crisis of trust and unite impactful solutions with ethical practices.
  • Digital Inequality: The pandemic revealed a new type of inequality for those who were unable to work remotely. How can we tackle the issue of digital inequality?
  • Scientific Globalisation and Cooperation: During the pandemic, the scientific community showed an unprecedented level of cooperation. Tech and R&D industries can learn from this experience.
  • Creative Artificial Intelligence: AI is now being used in the creative field. How can the business World take advantage of this development?
  • New Business Models: A closer look at new technology and digital-based business models, products and services, particularly in banking.
  • Gaming, More Gaming: İconic games, new alternative cultures, competitive souls… World of gaming is ever more exciting and lucrative.

Digital Age Tech Summit 2022 is organized by Kapital Media which is the leading source of news, thought leadership and inspiration for marketing and communication professionals across a wide range of industries.

For more details and event tickets, click here. This online event is organized by Kapital Medya on the 25th of May.