Design Thinking and Innovation Week London 2019

Design Thinking and Innovation Week 2019 will take place on 16-20 September.

Design Thinking and Innovation Week London 2019 is one of the biggest design program for creative entrepreneurs, innovation directors and business owners. This design program introduces you to London’s most innovative businesses and uncovering the latest approaches to design thinking and innovation.

At the Design Thinking and Innovation Week London 2019, you will also explore the latest trends and discoveries in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, sustainability and future of technologies.

In addition to these, you will learn about the latest innovation methodologies, and best tools for product and business management, and also have the opportunity to ask any questions in an informal atmosphere.

Watch the video and see what you can expect at this year’s Design Thinking and Innovation Week:

Attendees to the event will be CEOs, CIOs and business owners, heads of design and innovation departments, product managers and team leaders, service and experience designers, UX researchers, innovators and trendsetters.

All lectures and workshops will take place in the actual agencies giving participants a better context of the topic. This program is designed to give you inspiration and tools for your work, to help you get an expert opinion on your current projects, and keep you up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Programs will cover three areas:

  • Innovation (from design thinking, service design, trend forecasting to VR/AR/AI)
  • Branding (from sonic and digital branding to brand strategy and design trends)
  • Product Design (UX strategy, DesignOps, design management, design systems)

Elena Chernicova, CEO at New Rules, said that;

Everything was very well organized, content was fantastic and I’ve learnt a lot. People that I’ve met brought so much light to my life, that I will never forget this experience.

Want to erase borders between creative communities from different countries and to inspire people around the world? Don’t miss this great event!

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This event is organized by Future London Academy on 16-20 September in London.