Brand Week Istanbul 2021

Brand Week Istanbul 2021, organized by Kapital Medya, will be carried out digitally on 8-12 November.

Brand Week Istanbul 2021 is a large-scale event aimed at bringing Turkey’s marketing and communication industry together with the world’s most creative names, concepts, and projects.

In recent years, Istanbul has been a fast-rising economic and financial center and Brand Week seeks to use the city’s enormous potential to win it a place as a hub of creativity by inspiring those who want to make a difference with brands and ideas.

In its ninth year, Brand Week İstanbul; the biggest marketing and business festival in the EMEA region, brings together the creative leaders of the World both on stage and virtually.

Many factors such as developments in bio-tech, creative AI practices, climate crisis, space economy, transformation of business models or changes in socialising deconstruct the customary definition of being human and the human nature.

The attempts to define the new human, will also be the starting point for a new paradigm in economy, society, art, and technology. Let’s explore the X-factor of humans of the 21st century and all the new paradigms it will possibly give rise to.

All topics that lead the Global and target an international audience will be on the World Stage on 8th-9th November, 2021.

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John Zimmerman said;

So many young and talented professionals. Brand Week is the best place to share ideas and learn what is possible.

Brand Week 2021 is organized by Kapital Media which is the leading source of news, thought leadership and inspiration for marketing and communication professionals across a wide range of industries.

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For more details and event tickets, click here.This event is organized by Kapital Medya on 8-12 November .