Define Your Agency Values to Attract Clients Who Share Your Vision

Are you one of those thinking that defining your agency’s values is merely an administrative task?

Articulating your agency’s values is a strategic move attached to your business goal and marketing strategy. So much so that, it builds a strong internal culture, guides decision-making, and enhances both employee and client satisfaction. Statistics and expert opinions indicate that agencies with clearly defined values are better positioned to thrive in a competitive market.

That’s why we prepared that quick guide for you. Join us as we start why defining agency values is so important. 

Why Define Your Agency Values

Why do some agencies thrive while others struggle to maintain cohesion and client satisfaction? The answer often lies in the strength of their core values. 

Defining your agency values is a foundational step in building a cohesive and motivated team. Since it establishes a clear framework for behavior, decision-making, and company culture. And of course, a bold value framework directly impacts both employees and clients. 

Let’s be more specific: A clearly defined agency values help employees understand the overarching goals and their role in achieving them. According to a recent study, 89% of executives believe that a strong sense of collective purpose drives employee satisfaction. That translates into creating a positive work environment. So much so that, we know that highly engaged teams show a 21% greater profitability and a 41% reduction in absenteeism. 

Articulating your agency’s values is a great way to build decision-making processes. That’s important since when faced with difficult choices, employees can refer to the values and ensure their decisions align with the company’s ethos. 

On the other hand, a strong set of values can stand your agency out from competitors and attract clients who share similar principles. That’s not the only benefit; in today’s world, we know that clients prefer to work with digital agencies that reflect their values & beliefs. So, by defining your agency’s values in detail, you can reach clients aligned with your vision and mission. 

In summary, defining your agency values offers you:


The question is how to define your agency values to gain these advantages. 

Keep reading. 

How to Define Your Agency Values (for Clients with Shared Vision)

So far, we highlighted how important a “strong agency value” is to create a cohesive and purpose-driven organization. Now, we are inviting you to find out how to establish clear and meaningful values for your agency. 

Here is your guide:

#1 Invite your agency members to a brainstorming session

In order to generate a comprehensive list of potential values, facilitate team discussions around core principles and the desired work environment. While doing so, urge your team members to vocal their thoughts, perspectives, and personal values to create a common map.

#2 Analyze the values of successful agencies in your niche

After gathering your team members’ perspectives, make an industry analysis to know about your competitors’ values. From the collected input, identify common themes that stand out – a concise list of 3-5 core values works well. Common values might include integrity, innovation, and collaboration.

#3 Decide on the fundamental purpose of your agency

Consider what your mission is, what impact you want to have on your clients and the industry, and how you envision your future. In case your agency is established to innovate in digital marketing, your values can include creativity, innovation, and excellence.

#4 Create a definition for each value

To ensure everyone understands what each value means in the context of your agency, providing a clear and concise definition for each value is a good call. This kind of clarity helps align your team’s actions with the defined values.

#5 Reinforce the values via communication channels

Another crucial thing is successfully integrating the values throughout your organization. Use a variety of platforms, such as internal documents, newsletters, and team meetings. Make sure that the policies, procedures, and decision-making processes of your organization reflect these principles.

#6 Review your agency values if they remain relevant

Defining your agency values is an ongoing process that requires commitment. Periodically assess them to ensure they remain aligned with your agency’s growth and direction. Gather feedback, make necessary adjustments, and schedule annual meetings to keep them current and effective.


How to Attract Clients Who Share Your Vision 

87% of consumers would purchase a product or service because a company advocated for an issue they cared about. That means by defining and promoting your agency’s values you can build strong, lasting relationships with clients who resonate with your principles. 

At that point, of course, creating related content, developing an agency client onboarding process based on values, and conducting in-depth interviews are also important. 


Connecting with clients aligned with your agency’s principles

Absolutely, there are some strategies to help you get clients for digital marketing agencies.

First and foremost, integrate your values into your agency messaging. Use your agency About Us page, articulate your values clearly, and show how they influence your work. You can also share posts that reflect your values and showcase your agency culture. In addition to these channels, highlighting your values in the client onboarding process is a good idea.


Speaking of social media posting, content marketing is a good way to demonstrate your values. Share stories, case studies, blog posts, and social media updates that showcase how your agency lives its values. Remember, using storytelling and sharing stories about your team’s volunteer work and community projects make a great impact. 

Similarly, showcasing testimonials & case studies and highlighting successful partnerships work well, too. It’s a great way to attract potential clients with similar mindsets.

One step further: You may want to team up with organizations, influencers, and brands that share your values. In that way, you can amplify your message and reach a broader audience of like-minded individuals. 


And, we recommend you create marketing campaigns highlighting your agency’s values. The campaigns demonstrate your dedication to your values in addition to promoting your offerings. Value-based marketing can set your company apart from rivals and draw in customers who share your priorities.

Examples of Agency Values

It’s time to show some real-world examples – we are starting with a DAN-member agency KOTA. As you can see below, the London-based agency used its About Us page as a shopfront to display its agency values, besides team members and culture. 


Another example comes from the UK-based digital marketing agency Favoured

The well-known agency features its values on its home page and illustrates them with a slider beside showing a bunch of photos of the agency members.  

Of course, you do not have to articulate your values with a bunch of words, sliders, or photos. Pound & Grain does it in the shortest but visually appealing way. 

And, not all digital marketing agencies showcase their values via their website and static components. Other DAN-member agency Social Media 55 reflects its values and agency culture by sharing a video. 

Last Words

Throughout the blog, we’ve witnessed that defining values for agencies is a strategic act that can profoundly impact your agency’s success. Beyond statistics showing that agencies with clearly defined values are better equipped to thrive in a competitive market, it has been clear that promoting your core values sets the foundation for long-term growth and a distinctive brand identity that stands out. 

So, good luck as you define and live by your agency values!

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