Crowd’s Sustainability Journey: A Step Closer to Becoming a B-Corp Certified Company

At their core, Crowd has always been dedicated to sustainability and It’s been an integral part of their journey as a company.

You may have heard them talk about their sustainability journey, goals to become a net zero, B-Corp certified company and so, they are excited to share some of their updates with you!

After measuring their emissions and implementing a carbon reduction plan, Crowd is delighted to announce that they are now Carbon Neutral!

However, their commitment to the environment doesn’t end here. They are dedicated to continually decreasing their carbon footprint and regularly monitoring their impact on an annual basis. Going forward, they have ambitious plans to involve and educate their employees and clients in sustainability initiatives and their goal for the upcoming year is to ensure that all the projects Crowd undertake are net-zero, further contributing to a greener future.

Along with a few other changes within the company, such as new volunteering opportunities and employee development policies, Crowd is looking forward to nearing the end of their vision of becoming B Corp certified. B-Corp is a rigorous process and is a well recognised and respected certification. It has been a goal of Crowd’s for a while to better themselves as a business and to do their part for the environment.

Crowd is proud to introduce their remarkable Green Team! Keep a lookout for their interviews coming up with their passionate individuals; Dan, Genevie and Brett!

Crowd’s green team members are from a variety of backgrounds and roles within Crowd and they have been bouncing around many exciting ideas and talking about what the future of Crowd’s sustainability looks like.

Crowd also has a new website coming up where you will be able to find this information, sustainability insights and their green projects all in one place, so watch this space.

At Crowd, they are unwavering in their commitment to building a brighter and greener future.

Join them on this journey as they continue to pave the way for responsible business practices and positive environmental impact.

About Crowd

Crowd is a global creative agency that specialises in amplifying demand for brands around the world.