Crowd Revamps BEEAH Group Website

BEEAH Group in the Middle East’s leading sustainability pioneer, with verticals across industries, which are renowned for groundbreaking environmental innovations and smart solutions for future-ready cities.

Founded in 2007, BEEAH began its journey as a Sharjah-based public-private partnership company, primarily concerned with environmental and waste management.

Recognizing sustainability, innovation, and technology as core pillars for a modern economy, BEEAH Group invested in a comprehensive, full-circle strategy for the future, and expanded into the fields of renewable energy, green mobility, transport, education, and technology.

Crowd was briefed with creating and overhauling the BEEAH website which had over the years started falling behind in terms of modern trends and technology. Whilst well-positioned in recycling and waste management services, the new site is now a new destination that captures their wider service offering targeting local and surrounding MENA markets.

Crowd suggested a series of ‘upgrades’ required to meet rapidly changing market requirements and to service existing and future digital marketing strategies. Their aim was to deliver a site that met new requirements for the Group and incorporated a revised brand focus while also concentrating on themes that more accurately reflect the BEEAH Group value proposition.

Leveraging their global talent pool, Crowd sourced and worked with a local, recognized photographer to help create a new image bank that would be used to visually communicate BEEAH Group’s core business verticals. These aspirational images were used across the new site and for the brand launch campaign.


Crowd recommended the website to lead as a resource center that positions BEEAH Group as a thought leader in the sustainability sector. With a tailored content plan, which is optimized for both SEO and voice, Crowd created a solution that is future-proof and allows BEEAH Group to scale as technology evolves. Keeping to best practices for developing a complete sustainable site, Crowd struck a fine balance between a dynamic visual and practical experience.

Based on their research and experience in the sector, Crowd combined and developed an innovative solution that focused heavily on content usage to attract audiences and leverage onsite virtual assistance to personalize experiences and searches even further. Visitors have complete freedom to explore key site pages, however are also supported with advanced search functionality to refine exactly what they’ve arrived on site for.

The new BEEAH Group website will be recognized as a go-to source for all relevant insights on sustainability, smart solutions, technology, and innovation and recommend its services and products based on this content.

Crowd has also partnered with a third-party growth management tool that will help personalize the site experience based on what content returning visitors choose to engage with the most. They will be implementing layout and image optimization, as well as push notifications, surveys, and feedback forms putting user behavior at the forefront of their web strategy to increase dwell time and decrease bounce rates.

For phase two, Crowd will soon be implementing an “Innovation Hub” for BEEAH Group. This feature will be a platform integration where open challenges can be uploaded for the public to contribute ideas for improving the quality of living in urban environments. Users will be able to collaborate with other innovators and will be awarded for their contribution through awards and incentives based on most upvotes.


Since the launch, Crowd has received very positive feedback on the new site and they are looking forward to growing their partnership with the BEEAH team with other projects across the organization.

Imad Juheir, Communications Manager at BEEAH says:

Since the early stages, Crowd’s approach was a very well-put-together proposal with all details included about the technologies and innovation used on site. The team showed the ability to think outside the box with a sustainable website, which doesn’t load too many pages and uses features like voice search to save energy. The Crowd team was exceptional and very professional on all stages of the project, and they have shown excellent communication, team work, and delivered an excellent website, which will help promote our Group.

To visit the website here.

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