fenti Created a Fresh Brand and Marketing Strategy for Prodek

How do you know when it’s time to refresh your brand? A common reason is inconsistency within the marketplace.

When you realize several customer touchpoints – physical and digital brand contact points – were overlooked during the last brand update.

Ben Ellis, Operations Manager of Prodek Design and Storage Systems Ltd., discovered inconsistent legacy branding across multiple Prodek touchpoints.

Ben Ellis says:

In late 2019, we were working on a strategy to build on successes in new sectors we had targeted. Frustratingly, we had three different logo designs across our branding. I knew marketing needed to be a key part of the plan going forward.

The racking and storage experts, established in 1993, are known for their Made in Sheffield mezzanine floors and cantilever vehicle racks. Prodek storage solutions transform how businesses use one of their most valuable assets, space.

Mark Shipley, Managing Director of fenti Digital Marketing said:

I just so happened to get in contact with Ben, being a fellow Sheffield Chamber member, to see if he needed help with marketing. It seemed I called at precisely the right time!

This chance call was the start of a fruitful relationship between the two companies. At the time, Prodek was on the cusp of a sustained period of growth. Recognizing the need to capitalize on its foothold in evolving sectors, Prodek embarked on a bold new marketing strategy. A complete rebrand.

To reflect the ambitions and capabilities of Prodek, fenti designed a brand-new logo. To achieve the paragon of logo design, longevity, and recognisability, fenti designed the new logo to transition the brand and propel it towards its future as an industry leader.

Moving from a text-only logo, fenti introduced a design with a distinct color palette, and graphics to subtly reflect the nature of Prodek’s services.

Elaine Shipley, Creative Director at fenti Digital Marketing said:

Once we developed the color palette, typeface, logo and brand direction for Prodek, we updated this branding at every touchpoint. This is one of the best parts of my job, creating and nurturing a brand, and seeing it evolve with the clients’ ambitions. I love it.

The next step in Prodek’s marketing strategy was a new website. The website can get to a point where, without regular maintenance, can be difficult to update and restrict the depth and breadth of content that an engaging user experience requires.

Mark from fenti said:

The pandemic came along with a slew of challenges but thankfully, we easily adapted and were able to continue supporting our clients through some of the toughest trading conditions they have ever encountered.

Work continued to nurture Prodek’s new brand throughout lockdown as more traditional sales and marketing tactics took a backseat to digital marketing. The redeveloped website design was launched in 2021 with new text, images, video, and a new, more user-friendly structure.

The site was rebuilt using WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. WordPress is favored by fenti web developers for its ease of use for clients.


Mark says:

We don’t want to ‘lock’ clients in with custom, in-house website software. When we build a site, the client can update it themselves, take it to another agency, or ask us to manage it for them. It’s fair and it’s one of the reasons why clients stay with us for the long term.

Even with the new brand and website complete, work continues to establish Prodek as the industry leader. Prodek has a consistent and recognizable brand name that is performing beyond expectations.

While the team may feel they are busy enough, fenti is busy expanding Prodek’s reach to new industries.

Mark said:

We have a strong focus on SEO at fenti. The user experience and technical elements are tightly intertwined within Google algorithms, which the team collaborates on to continually develop. It’s very satisfying to see the website your team created move up the rankings and deliver those all-important leads.

The future is full of possibilities for Prodek. Growth industries like e-commerce flourish and need Prodek’s expertise to make the most of existing business premises or fully kit out a new venture.

The beauty of having an outsourced marketing department is that you have a team brimming with skills at your fingertips.

An opportunity is never missed, and you can rest assured that your brand will always look it’s very best.

Ben Ellis said:

fenti has transformed the look of Prodek into something that reflects who we are and how we want the business to develop. I was concerned a complete rebrand might be a lot of hassle – I’m very busy running the company – but it was easy. I’m pleased to say it’s all been really successful. fenti functions as our marketing team, which gives me time to focus on business operations, and the daily running of the company.

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