Revitalising Colas Rail’s Employer Brand and Recruitment: A Results-Driven Approach

The Challenge

Colas Rail, a leading European railway infrastructure provider, struggled to attract diverse talent across all experience levels. Traditional job advertising wasn’t yielding the desired results.


Frost Creative was selected to develop a comprehensive employer branding and recruitment campaign.


  • 50% Increase in Qualified Applicants: Attract a wider pool of qualified candidates, exceeding recruitment goals.
  • Enhanced Employer Brand Identity: Strengthen Colas Rail’s reputation as a top employer and build brand awareness.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Focus: Increase applications from women, people of color, and those with disabilities.
  • Targeted Audience Expansion: Reach new talent sources through innovative channels like TikTok and Instagram.
  • Employee Retention Boost: Cultivate a strong employer brand that promotes Colas Rail as an attractive and rewarding workplace.

Strategy & Execution

  • Employee-Centric Storytelling: We leveraged the ThreeTwo™ framework, integrating employee insights and featuring impactful brand ambassadors identified through in-depth interviews.
  • Passion-Driven Narrative: We captured the spirit of Colas Rail by showcasing employee passion for creating a sustainable future.
  • Compelling Visual Identity: A unique visual language combined employee portraits with shots conveying their hobbies and interests, celebrating individuality within a unified brand experience. Colas Rail’s iconic diamond logo was seamlessly incorporated for brand recognition.
  • Integrated Campaign Delivery: We collaborated with Colas Rail’s Marketing, HR, and Recruitment teams to ensure consistency across all messaging and materials.


  • 50% Increase in Overall Applications: Successfully achieved the primary objective, exceeding applicant recruitment goals.
  • Targeted Growth:

  • Graduate Applications Uplift: 45%
  • Apprenticeship Applications Uplift: 49%
  • Diversity & Inclusion Progress: Attracted a more diverse candidate pool, aligning with the inclusion goals.
  • Cost Savings: Millions saved in recruitment fees due to increased pool of qualified candidates.
  • Employee Retention Potential: Created a strong employer brand foundation to bolster employee retention.

This results-driven campaign transformed Colas Rail’s employer brand and recruitment strategy. The campaign not only attracted a wider range of qualified candidates but also positioned Colas Rail as a desirable employer with a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion, and employee development.

About Frost Creative

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