Best Travel & Tourism Marketing Agencies With Case Studies in Canada

The best agencies for tourism industry are ready to help companies to compete in today’s challenging environment. Here are the best digital marketing agencies to help you grow your travel and tourism business in Canada.

In the travel and tourism industries, marketing and advertising play a crucial role to attract potential customers and convince them to take a trip to the desired destination. Intelligent travel marketing strategies must be followed to achieve the sales objectives.

Digital marketing agencies help travel and tourism companies manage their content and share it on popular digital platforms to attract more people. They guide how to create attention-grabbing content and how to communicate with the prospect. Finally that helps companies to grow their profits through increased sales. 

Travel and tourism industries had troubled times due to the Covid-19 outbreak. But there is still something to be done if you catch up with the latest trends. You can also collaborate with an experienced digital agency that has successful case studies in the related industry. 

We have researched and compiled a list of the best travel marketing agencies in Canada for the tourism industry. Check the case studies and find your partner to meet your business growth goals in 2022.

War Room Inc

Through its various services on digital marketing, War Room Inc is another excellent agency that could meet your expectations. Their team of specialists and advertisers deliver customized campaigns and innovative strategies contributing to brand development and increased profits. 

With programmatic advertising, War Room succeeded to drive off-season visitors to the beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The plan included getting in touch with influencers and affluent travelers in several locations. Eventually, the agency helped the organization called Destination Greater Victoria reach the desired goals for clicks on digital platforms and visitor impressions. Additionally, they got outstanding conversion rates after the partnership with War Room. 

Social Media 55

social media 55

Among the best agencies for tourism industry, Social Media 55 can be placed near the top. This full-service marketing agency helps companies increase their social media presence and promote their business. 

With its expertized team, Social Media 55 delivers innovative solutions and strategies to businesses. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools since it provides real-time communication with the target audience. 

Top Maui Hotels is a Hawaiian-based company searching for an accelerated increase in its online presence to optimize its market capitalization. Through services such as

  • website design,
  • social media ads, and
  • influencer campaigns, Social Media 55 helped the company increase its social media presence. Currently, on Instagram, it has more than 40k followers who are potential customers.


community best agencies for tourism industry

Located in Toronto, Community offers full-service marketing and data-centric performance solutions for its clients. According to its average client results, Community has provided

  • a more than 200% increase in traffic and
  • 63% increase in conversion rates.

Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas collaborated with Community to create a splash. Its expert marketers and designers achieved to design an impactful visual identity for Four Seasons Resort. Through a specialized pattern inspired by the country’s visual heritage and historical Mexican architecture, Community created a unique identity for the brand. 

With several successful case studies, Community can be a great option for your travel and tourism campaigns.  


cossette travel tourism marketing agencies

Cossette is a strategic partner optimizing the brand experience and creating unique client journeys for businesses. The agency, based in Quebec City, offers integrated marketing communication services. 

When we look at the case studies completed by Cossette, we can see that its expert team delivers several successful services including

  • designing,
  • branding,
  • customer experience,
  • data science, and
  • marketing strategy.

Tourism Montreal also asked for help to create personalized experiences for its visitors and leave a long-lasting impression on them.

Cossette built a digital platform for Montreal including a collection of Montreal experiences. Finally, they achieved to increase visits by almost 10%. Moreover, there were 43% more customer acquisition thanks to organic search results. 


geton agency for tourism industry

GetOn is another successful agency offering various digital marketing solutions with its web development experts and digital marketing specialists. Its team designs, builds, and markets your brand presence through digital solutions. 

When we look at its portfolio, we see several case studies completed successfully. For instance, GetOn supported Watermark Beach Resort, a full-service hotel and conference center in Osoyoos, by providing digital services including

  • strategic web design,
  • comprehensive digital marketing,
  • branding, and
  • creative update. 

Since the digital world is expanding day by day, creating a powerful strategy through digital channels is required. So, the partnership with an experienced agency is crucial to promote brand development and increase profitability. 

Here we have listed the best-performing digital marketing agencies with successful case studies in Canada. You can choose the best one to guide you to reach your business objectives in the competitive tourism and travel industries.


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