Back in Yaletown with a Forward Vision: Major Tom’s New HQ

Major Tom, a leading marketing agency, embraces the future of work with a move to a new, eco-friendly office in Yaletown, Vancouver, reflecting their commitment to a flexible hybrid work model and sustainable practices.

Get ready, Vancouver. Ground control has a new postal code.

This year, Vancouver-based digital marketing and web agency Major Tom officially left the capsule — moving out of their longtime Beatty Street headquarters downtown. But the agency, a staple of the city’s thriving marketing and tech industries for more than 22 years, won’t be going far.

In fact, their new office is something of a homecoming.

Located in the heart of Yaletown, Major Tom is now officially operating out of 1090 Homer Street, #490. At the center of a neighbourhood filled with tasty eats, agency peers, and industry innovators, the new office sees Major Tom join a host of forward-looking Vancouver businesses while returning, very literally, to where it all began for the agency.

After all, the new location is only steps from their first home base (as 6S Marketing) at 1120 Hamilton Street.

Of course, no business makes a decision this large in a vacuum. So why now?

Commitment to the Hybrid Workstyle

According to CEO Lyn Bryan,

While we cherish the opportunity to collaborate and connect with our teammates face-to-face, it’s become increasingly clear that a hybrid work environment is the future of our agency.
A hybrid approach lets us leverage top talent from across North America and gives the team the flexibility to bring their best to the business, wherever life takes them. We don’t mandate specific days in the office or have a quota each week. It’s totally flexible and up to each person. We trust our team to own their impact, so we certainly trust them to know where they work best.

With that in mind, the larger office — chosen during a very different era of the industry — was no longer the best fit for our agency.

We’re thrilled to have found a mission control that connects our teams in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and beyond while still offering the space for in-office collaboration between our local experts and our client partners. Major Tom will always maintain our strong ties to Vancouver, and we’re so happy to be back home in Yaletown, where we can contribute to a vibrant, thriving neighbourhood.

Of course, the move isn’t all about timing.


An Eco-friendly Step Towards Sustainability and Commuter Convenience

The new office brings its own set of advantages for the growing agency, including a carbon zero/carbon-neutral build that perfectly fits Major Tom’s evolving sustainability goals.

Its proximity to the Yaletown-Roundhouse SkyTrain station (among other transit options) also simplifies the team’s journey to the office, whether they’re commuting within the city or arriving from out of town.

What about the old office? As the agency’s time at Beatty has ended, the BC Indigenous Housing Society (BCIHS) has officially made it their new headquarters. BCIHS is a registered charity that is dedicated to providing safe, attainable housing for Indigenous individuals and families living in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia. Major Tom is thrilled to be leaving their former home in good hands.

Still, while the agency is committed to a hybrid culture, that doesn’t mean they won’t be meeting, working, and socializing in the flesh.

On top of their ongoing commitment to build face-to-face relationships with their client partners, next week will see the entire Major Tom team from across Canada and the U.S. touch down in Vancouver for the agency’s annual holiday party. That’s just one part of their plan to maintain personal relationships in an industry the agency describes as “inherently creative, collaborative, and social.”

For the time being, their message is simple:

Our doors are open, and we’re currently hiring new team members to help us take the future of the industry by storm.

If you’re a digital expert looking to take the next step in your career, we want to hear from you.

About Major Tom

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