Meijer & Walters Continues to Expand With Ralf de Jong as Creative Director

Meijer & Walters is growing and has therefore attracted Ralf de Jong as Creative Director.

Ralf brings a great deal of experience and energy to Meijer & Walters; his way of thinking and working perfectly complements the company’s creative strategic focus.

Customer demand is becoming increasingly extensive. In addition to campaigns and communication, their requests involve innovation, transformation, and about building lasting relationships. This means clients don’t always follow the classic profile of Marcomms Manager.

Ineke Meijer, co-founder of Meijer & Walters, said:

This asks for an experienced team that looks beyond marketing campaigns and can work closely together with these ‘new’ customers. And that’s exactly why Ralf is a great addition to our team.

Ralf de Jong commented:

I love working on substantive and challenging assignments that cover big topics and issues.

He also added:

And at Meijer & Walters, we’re always looking at how to use creation and strategy to make an impact from within. That makes my work meaningful and, above all, fun.

Among other assignments, Ralf has already started working on projects that focus on the digitization of healthcare, and the safety of transporting high-value assets.

About Meijer & Walter

Strategies and ideas are only effective if and when people stand behind them. Meijer & Walters helps drivers of change engage their audiences beyond the marketing funnel. Offerings include proposition development, branding, lighthouse content, and program development and management.

Meijer & Walters was founded in 2012 and has built an extensive portfolio of international clients in healthcare, technology, transport, and heavy industries. These clients include AkzoNobel, Air France – KLM, EEA & Norway Grants, and Roche Diagnostics.