Crowd China Office – Now Open

Crowd have offices in the US, UK, UAE, and Canada, ticking off a number of the World’s strongest global markets and granting access to many more. However, Crowd is now set on their boldest journey yet, opening an operations hub in China.

China offers a completely new challenge for Crowd, however, its huge population and continuous shift towards more Western business practices make it the perfect next stop for #TeamCrowd.

China will grant Crowd access to huge growing international markets throughout Asia such as Japan, India, Singapore and Thailand.

Crowd have a long list of global partners all over the World, ranging from restaurants to airports, destinations to toy brands; but China will offer another opportunity for Crowd to once again prove their adaptability and prowess as a global digital marketing agency.

Crowd recently hired a host of new staff, one of which was Jensen, a native Chinese speaker, who has provided all kinds of in-depth insights into the Chinese market place and how Crowd can best position themselves.

Due to differences in languages and culture, Crowd have had to make some changes to their current brand to make the transition to Asia as seamless as possible.

Crowd’s new Chinese brand name is: ‘群英’.

The two characters make up a phrase which means ‘a group of elites’. The first character ‘群’ means Crowd. The second ‘英’ breaks down their identity, with a number of different meanings, these include being British, heroes and handsome… spot on!

Crowd are already in talks with a number of potential new clients in China and can’t wait to expand their global network. They aim to connect the world to China through great creative work.

About Crowd

Crowd is a creative communications agency with offices in Dubai, London, Bournemouth and San Francisco. Crowd uses creative digital marketing techniques to ensure your marketing message is delivered to the audience you want.