B2B SaaS Marketing Tips

The Best B2B SaaS Marketing Strategies with Proven Track Records

Discover the power of effective B2B SaaS marketing strategies, your key to unlocking new heights of success and setting your brand apart in a competitive market.

As you might already know, SaaS is among the world’s fastest-moving and most innovative industries. At the same time, it assumes the title of the youngest part of the digital world. When the global economic downturn hit the world like a storm, it became the most advantageous playground for SaaS companies. Although this industry has faced two main economic fallouts (pandemic and recession) and has not been immune to them, SaaS businesses have been affected positively by these challenges.

Source: ChartMogul

According to ChartMogul‘s SaaS growth report, growth rates have stabilized in the last 3 quarters for most SaaS businesses. The same report states that best-in-class SaaS businesses grow over 100% each year and top-tier SaaS startups reach $1M ARR within 9 months. 

Being able to achieve success in these challenging times depends on whether SaaS has a strong strategy. The need for an effective SaaS marketing strategy becomes more pronounced as companies strive to maintain a balance between supply and demand in these times. Plus, the recent report reveals that despite the shrinkage, the SaaS market still holds significant potential, making it crucial for businesses to hone their marketing approaches.

What is B2B SaaS Marketing?

B2B SaaS marketing is the process of promoting and selling software-as-a-service (SaaS) products to other businesses. It is more than just a tactic; it is a necessity for reaching key decision makers and addressing the specific pain points of a target market. This marketing form involves understanding the customer journey intricately and aligning the marketing plan to effectively engage and convert potential customers.

Understanding the Target Market

A cornerstone of B2B SaaS marketing is deeply understanding the target market. That includes identifying the specific needs, challenges, and goals of potential customers. By doing so, SaaS businesses can tailor their marketing efforts to address these pain points, ultimately leading to more effective and block-busting marketing campaigns.

How to Create B2B SaaS Marketing Strategies? Explained with Examples

Since the market is highly competitive, SaaS businesses need to stand out from the crowd with their unique marketing strategies.

Mostly, a successful B2B SaaS marketing strategy formula is based on a careful blend of understanding the market, creating relevant content, and using the right channels to reach the audience. However, the variables may differ in some cases. That’s why we have listed the top B2B SaaS marketing strategies to reach your target audience and grow your business. These best practices will help you create an effective marketing plan and drive results.

Ready to start? Just scroll down to explore common B2B marketing strategies for SaaS businesses!

Joining DAN Tools


Joining Digital Agency Network (DAN) Tools comes at the top of the best marketing strategies for SaaS businesses. Being in such a community can significantly enhance a B2B SaaS marketing strategy. DAN offers exclusive membership options for SaaS businesses that match their SaaS marketing strategies best to reach digital agencies and the global community of digital marketers. By being listed in different categories offered by DAN, you can;

  • Increase your SaaS tool visibility,
  • Get more potential customers,
  • Fill your sales funnel with the network of your target audience.

DAN members can also benefit from monthly content publishing opportunities, SEO advantages, and advertising options based on their membership types. Join Tools now and start enjoying the advantageous world of DAN!

Success Story: Boosting Lead Generation

A SaaS company called Screendragon, specializing in agency management, joined DAN Tools and utilized their agency management software to a wider global audience and digital agencies. 

According to Fergus Ashe, Chief Commercial Officer at Screendragon, “We have been proud to partner with DAN for several years as a featured vendor on the platform. As an agency management specialist, we are always looking for ways to share Screendragon’s story with the agency community. Owing to this, DAN has introduced us to many new contacts at global media companies and ambitious independent agencies.”

Leveraging Data for Decision Making

Data-driven decision-making is at the heart of successful B2B SaaS marketing to stay competitive and make informed choices. By analyzing market trends, customer feedback, and campaign performance, SaaS companies can refine their strategies for maximum impact.

Let’s go through an example! Consider manufacturing organizations; they get plenty of data from machines in a day. If they cannot analyze the data well, that might cause delays, decline in sales, negative customer feedback, and much more. 

Data is just as vital for SaaS companies too. With meaningful data at hand, businesses can make informed decisions about how to prioritize and allocate resources for product development with a focus on the features that are the most valuable to their users.                                                              

Creating Engaging Content

The SaaS industry’s unique nature makes engaging content its very lifeblood. Unlike traditional businesses, SaaS companies rely on content to attract, educate, and empower their audience every step of the way. This is where skill-upgrading content shines. It builds loyal communities, establishes thought leadership, and unlocks the door to sustainable revenue which are essential ingredients for your long-term customer success and growth. 

Semrush’s The 2023 State of Global Content Marketing Report further underlines this, revealing that a staggering 97% of SaaS companies find success in their content marketing efforts. And how do they achieve this? Through powerful strategies like informative blog posts, detailed case studies, and thought-leadership pieces that solidify their authority in the field. But content alone isn’t enough. A robust SEO strategy ensures this valuable content reaches the right audience through search engines, boosting organic traffic and lead generation. Partnering with experienced B2B content marketing agencies can further amplify your efforts. They can provide expert guidance on content strategy, creation, and distribution, maximizing the return on your investment in content marketing.

Solvid’s work with Finteza is a prime example of how effective content marketing can drive impressive results. Faced with the challenge of generating more qualifying leads, Solvid crafted a comprehensive content marketing, digital PR, and outreach plan. They connected with influential bloggers and top publications in the marketing and analytics niches to secure targeted guest posts. Each article featured Finteza prominently, including screenshots and backlinks.

The results were impressive: a 400% increase in organic ranking keywords, over 300 published guest posts, and more than 400 high-quality backlinks with an average Domain Rating of 72. While boosting Finteza’s visibility, Solvid’s approach also established them as a known software among professional marketers, with features in renowned publications like Livechat, WordStream, Campaign Monitor, and more.

Success Story: Valuable Content that Goes Beyond Sales

Want proof of content’s power? Look no further than Kinsta. A premium WordPress host took a bold step in their content strategy that revolves around addressing customer pain points, not pushing their services. By focusing on broad themes like website optimization and security, their blog resonates with WordPress developers and owners, building trust and awareness that translates to over 672,000 monthly organic views as of June 2022.

Source: Semrush

Creating a Marketing Funnel

Generic funnels won’t cut it in the SaaS landscape. Understanding the unique customer journey, as opposed to the retail or B2C experience, is the cornerstone of building a successful marketing funnel that drives conversions.

For B2B SaaS, a strong SaaS marketing funnel often involves creating awareness through targeted content, nurturing leads with tailored communication, and converting them with compelling offers. Instead of focusing on getting customers to their first conversion, SaaS funnels focus on what happens after they convert.

Measuring success is essential, and with SaaS marketing funnel metrics and a well-defined funnel, your team can unlock insights to improve performance and tailor the product to your users’ needs. Prioritizing customer loyalty is paramount for any SaaS company, as it unlocks the secret to growth and keeps unwanted churn at a distance.

Success Story: A Homepage that Converts
LearnWorlds, a powerful learning management system, implemented Hotjar into various stages of their user journey to focus on specific user segments and ​​get a more comprehensive understanding of users’ experiences. As a result, landing page conversion rates increased by 150%, free trial conversion rates grew by 0.5%, and new feature adoption increased by 400%.

Source: Hotjar

Leveraging Customer Feedback for Product Improvement

Customer is always king, especially in the SaaS world. Without them, your SaaS business doesn’t make any sense. That’s why customer feedback is the key to unlocking insights that can drive your SaaS business forward. It not only improves the product but also strengthens a sense of community and loyalty among existing customers.

Having customer feedback at your fingertips feels like having a map showing where to improve and what to keep doing right. It is an invaluable asset for B2B SaaS businesses as it provides essential insights into product development, user experience, pricing, and marketing strategy. 

Success Story: Turning to User Feedback to Augment Traffic Attribution

A prominent online learning marketplace Udemy’s Director of UX, Claire Menke has knocked on Qualaroo’s door to understand exposure and get a true attribution of Udemy’s brand awareness. “We begin asking questions weeks prior to a new campaign which gives us a baseline understanding of where people come from. As we turn on different methods of advertising, we can see how those values change.” Menke says.

Qualaroo’s Identity API has helped Udemy zero in on the users they want to target and they increased their conversion rates by 23%.

Source: Qualaroo

Utilizing Social Media for Brand Awareness

Social media marketing is a powerful way to achieve multiple goals. It offers a valuable avenue for increasing brand visibility and engagement. B2B SaaS companies can leverage social media by regularly posting valuable and relevant content, utilizing target advertising, engaging with their followers, and collaborating with industry influencers. Social media can be used for;

  • targeting specific demographics and interests to make sure their marketing messages reach the right audience,
  • building online communities around their brand and strengthening engagement,
  • enabling direct interaction with customers to provide support promptly,
  • providing a robust channel for sharing valuable content to attract new followers and drive traffic to their website,
  • generating leads by capturing contact information and nurturing potential customers through targeted messaging.

Success Story: Never Miss a Moment to Engage Customers

Salesforce, the CRM giant, switched to Sprout Social for their social media management and saved 12,000 hours in just a year! This magic wasn’t just about efficiency, but about unlocking the full potential of social media. Sprout Social helped them stay on top of trends and conversations, understand their audience better, and build deeper relationships with their most loyal customers.

Sprout’s insights also helped Salesforce make data-driven decisions, becoming more customer-centric by truly understanding their needs and wants. This, in turn, fueled their mission to help businesses become “customer companies,” delivering that coveted 360-degree customer view.

Developing a Comprehensive SEO Strategy

A comprehensive SEO strategy is essential for any B2B SaaS marketing plan and it doesn’t happen overnight. Unlike quick-fix tactics, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires a long-term commitment, but the rewards are immense: sustained organic traffic, improved search rankings, and a constant flow of qualified leads.

By optimizing your website content with relevant keywords, building high-quality backlinks, and staying patient, you will attract potential customers who are actively searching for solutions like yours. The good news is, you don’t have to be alone in this journey. AI SEO tools are emerging as powerful allies, helping you automate tasks like keyword research and competitor analysis. This frees you to focus on crafting compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

Success Story: Drive More Relevant Traffic

The all-in-one web dev platform Wix, teamed up with our beloved member tool Semrush to drive more relevant traffic to their “how to” articles. Wix used Semrush tools to better understand search intent, confirm their content rankings, do competitive research, get a deeper understanding of each page’s traffic potential, and uncover keywords & search terms that helped them generate the new “how to” content.

As a result, Wix added the “how to” schema to 108 articles on their blog and saw +7,000 clicks to “how to” URLs and +2,700 clicks to “how to” queries just one month later (May 2022 to June 2022).

Source: Semrush

Implementing a Referral Program

Referral programs can be a fantastic way for B2B SaaS companies to acquire new customers, increase brand awareness, and boost customer loyalty. Here’s a deeper dive into how to fuel your B2B SaaS growth with a referral program:

  1. Goals: Define your target audience and what you want to achieve (new customers, brand awareness, etc.)
  1. Design: Choose enticing rewards, simplify the referral process, and ensure smooth reward delivery.
  1. Promote: Highlight benefits through multiple channels (website, email, social media).
  1. Track & Analyze: Monitor performance, refine the program, and celebrate top performers.

While you can run a referral program manually, consider using dedicated referral marketing software that can make your job easier. These tools mostly offer several benefits such as automation, efficiency, flexibility, and data-driven insights.

Focusing on Video Marketing

Since users mostly interact with video content over written content, video marketing has become more important than ever for B2B SaaS companies. Video is the new king and incorporating a video marketing strategy into your business is the key to unlocking the treasure trove of education, engagement, and connection with your target audience.

Think about it! 88% of people say they have been convinced to buy something after watching a brand video. That’s a powerful statistic, and it speaks volumes about the persuasive power of video marketing. But how do you translate this potential into reality? Here’s the recipe:

  • Know your audience
  • Focus on value
  • Keep it concise
  • Embrace emotion
  • Prioritize quality

See how our beloved member Iconosquare makes the most of video marketing to promote their social media reporting feature below:

Harnessing the Power of Case Studies

In B2B sales, trust and proof are the secret weapon of success. At this point, case studies spark! They help showcase your SaaS product’s value through compelling stories and real-world results. Besides all these, they build trust by showing how similar businesses achieved specific goals with your solution. Businesses are more inclined to invest in your SaaS solution because it is backed by real-time data and metrics to solidify impact.

For maximum impact, you need to tailor your case studies. For example, industry-specific versions can resonate with targeted audiences facing familiar challenges. Another example is as customer success stories personalize the journey, they can make your product relatable. 

It may sound funny, but while crafting this blog post, I also discovered the immense value of case studies. By including real-world examples from successful B2B businesses, I aimed to provide tangible evidence for my arguments. Similar to how you might find situations mirroring your own challenges within another company’s case study, these examples can serve as practical guides and valuable resources for your business.


Effective B2B SaaS marketing thrives on understanding your audience, creating relevant content, and utilizing the right tools and channels. Partnering with specialized B2B digital marketing agencies can also amplify your efforts, accelerate your growth, and ensure you navigate the competitive landscape with confidence. 

Apply these strategies and watch your B2B SaaS business embark on a transformative journey!