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Starves for anything related to digital marketing and works as a Vendor Relations Specialist at Digital Agency Network.

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Best Marketing Reporting Tools for Tech Companies

Business success only can take shape if progress and growth are tracked. That’s why tech businesses need marketing reporting tools to get valuable data sources about the performance of their business. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best marketing reporting platforms for tech companies! Using a marketing reporting tool is vital …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best 7 CRM Software for Real Estate Industry

Real estate agents or realtors need a solution to manage their leads and transactions, tracking listings, organize their clients to build strong relationships, automate their marketing activities and much more. That’s why real estate CRM becomes vital for real estate businesses! In this article, we have taken a closer look at each of the best …

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Best 6 Intelligent Marketing Analytics Tools for eCommerce Brands

Every eCommerce brand has its own unique needs, but the eCommerce metrics are almost the same for each of them. That’s why using eCommerce marketing analytics tools can take your brand to the next level! So at some point, you should consider using marketing analytics tools for eCommerce just to achieve your business goals. Marketing …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best 8 CRM Tools for Consulting Business

If you are a consultant team or an independent consultant looking for a CRM for consulting business, you are at the right address! We have taken a closer look at each of the CRM solutions to make your job easier. No doubt that almost every customer-focused businesses’ main concern is to provide impactful services to …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

5 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools: What’s Being Said About Your Business?

Wondering what people are saying about your brand, product or service but in a more budget-friendly way? We got you covered with this free social media monitoring tools 2021 list! The market is flooded with social media management tools. Since almost each of them provides all-in-one services, some appeal to more specific needs than others. …

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Best 10 Partner Programs by SaaS Tools for Agencies

No doubt that the rise of using SaaS tools has brought new fields in order to generate new revenue streams. Agency partner programs are just one of them. Partner programs do not only open doors for new opportunities but also open new strategies that can be built between vendors and agencies. It is not a …

BLOG | Content Marketing

Best Stock Photo Sites in 2021

Looking for the best stock photo solutions to take your brand or marketing strategies to the next level? We have got you covered in this blog post! Using high-resolution images for personal and commercial purposes always grabs the attention but in return, there is an amount you have to bear in mind. As a marketer, …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best 7 Free Video Conferencing Tools in 2021

Our way of doing business has dramatically changed compared to last year and various software categories gained more popularity in terms of working from home. No doubt that one of them was video conferencing software. Are you wondering which ones are the best free video conferencing tools in 2021? So keep reading! Since almost everything …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best Free Video Editing Tools & Software in 2021

How often do you need to use video editing software to highlight your marketing campaigns? If your answer is many times, you should be looking for quick and effective solutions too then. These two requests may cost you slightly more than you expected, as we know from the most well-known video editing software in the …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best 7 Free Time Tracking Tools In 2021

If you don’t know the employee’s non-productive work hours, it is pretty clear that it will cost you a lot. Once you get this information, it can easily be turned into increasing productivity. So how can you get this? A good time tracking tool that suits your needs best will make the process easier both …

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