Busra Turkmen

Busra is glad to share new ideas as a copywriter and have experience as a content editor in the digital marketing industry. She is always passionate about writing and can’t wait to discover the future with all the bright and endless opportunities.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

What Did Digital Agencies Focus in 2020? What Will Be Trending in 2021 in the Digital Marketing World?

In 2020, digital marketing agencies faced many challenges in their business as do most of the industries. However, they came up with solutions that made the digital transformation possible. When 2020 is about to end, it is obvious that digitization became a lot more crucial this year which creates lots of new opportunities for digital …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Law Firms with Best Plans in the UK

Digital marketing agencies can make a great difference in many industries, including legal services. Assuming that consumers are more empowered than ever before, it is essential to create online connection opportunities with them. This is why legal brand marketing can help you attract new potential customers. Marketing for law firms is known by many digital …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

​15 Digital Marketing Templates to Improve Your Knowledge​​

For those who plan to grow their companies, it is critical to support digital transformation by using a digital marketing plan. Whether you are working on a big eCommerce project or having difficulty with scheduling your emails, you can get help from the digital marketing templates. What are the best 15 digital marketing templates? In …

WORK | Case Studies

Best Ecommerce Marketing Case Studies to Inspire You

In 2020, both customers and companies are fulfilled with the benefits of eCommerce marketing. After getting used to visiting stores to get what we need instead of only buying online, there is an update with our behaviours after the COVID-19 pandemic. For years, we have been experiencing online shopping and it has been a part …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best Performance Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses & Startups

If you want to know exactly how many impressions, clicks, leads or customers are generated, you should trust in performance marketing. Other than spending millions of dollars into brand campaigns, you can reach measurable new leads or customers. It is up to your goals, your business model and you should let the experts tell you …

BLOG | Web Design

Best Web Development Courses in 2021

Web development is now more essential than you think. What’s more, it touches every point of businesses in online platforms, from websites to apps. A business person should focus on developing the perfect website for visitors. The reason is that it doesn’t just involve the technical process but it also affects the look and features …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best Digital Marketing Courses in 2021

Best online digital marketing course providers offer digital applications that you can use to develop your skills related to the learning program. Compared to traditional learning techniques, online learning solutions are more well-rounded. In many ways, online digital courses help you improve your know-how and provide academic support. What’s more, those digital learning resources are …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Top Restaurant Marketing Agencies in the UK With Actionable Strategies

While your restaurant is there with amazing food offerings, some people might be standing next to you and thinking about “what should I eat?”. In order to catch their attention, the signage of your restaurant is not enough and you need an effective digital marketing plan. Your potential customer next to your restaurant will ask …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Best Travel & Tourism Marketing Agencies with Effective Strategies in the USA

Whatever happens, summer has arrived in some parts of the world and travel has begun. Influencers and bloggers are already on their way for vacation. So, Instagram doesn’t wait for the pandemic to go away. And of course, people need to take a breath from their tiring and stressful lives. Here we listed the best …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Top Healthcare Agencies in the UK With Best Strategies

Building a digital marketing strategy sometimes might be seen as an easy step to take. Nevertheless, industries like healthcare need more attention. Digital agencies who know the business and have experience with healthcare organisations can help you use the right communication style. Through the history, services of each industry have changed. It is also valid …

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