Best Performance Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses & Startups

If you are running a startup or a small business with a limited budget, and if you want to know exactly how many impressions, clicks, leads or customers are generated, you can seek assistance from performance marketing agencies.

You can monitor exactly how each dollar is spent using performance marketing, ensuring that it is working as hard as it can. As a result, campaigns will be more effective and money will be saved. As performance marketing companies have experience with all kinds of businesses, they know what your goals are and how you can get the best results with performance marketing.

What is a Performance Marketing Agency?

Simply, a performance marketing agency assists advertisers in delivering advertising across digital channels such as search, social, and programmatic display to consumers at the correct time and in the right context.

Performance marketing is a fun and effective approach to broaden your audience and reach while also collecting crucial data. The advantages don’t end there. It’s easier than ever to build your business when you embrace the entire functionality of performance marketing, from native and affiliate advertising to sponsored social media content. 

Performance marketing companies can assist you in many different ways like native ads, content marketing, search engine marketing, and display ads to grow your business.

So for startups or small businesses where each penny counts in the marketing budget, other than spending millions of dollars on brand campaigns, you can prefer to hire a performance marketing agency that will help you reach measurable new leads or customers.

The Best Performance Marketing Agencies

From idea to value, while generating your product and business model, you need to develop different kinds of marketing solutions for your startup.

Likewise, small businesses need to get help from performance marketing agencies to increase their brand’s visibility.

In this case, knowing where to spend your marketing budget and getting certain results is what you need.

Here, we have explained the benefits and services of the best performance marketing agencies for startups and small businesses.

  • Mimosa Agency
  • War Room Inc.
  • Devotion
  • Ignite Visibility
  • Hallam
  • SmallGiants
  • The SEO Works
  • Emote Digital
  • Zest Digital
  • 44 North Digital Marketing

Mimosa Agency

Mimosa exists to help companies as a multidisciplinary digital marketing agency, consulting studio, and creative production house based in Berlin.

By mixing strategy, creativity, and lean development, they can enable your brand to reach into the hearts and minds of precisely the right target audience and grow your business rapidly.

Don’t waste time increasing the engagement of your startup. Optimize and grow your business with the help of Mimosa’s effective performance marketing services.

War Room Inc.

War Room is an award-winning digital advertising and performance-based marketing agency that specializes in 100% programmatic advertising. With over a decade in the ad industry, they are consistently updating their knowledge with the ever-changing digital landscape and have a bulletproof process.


War Room’s results prove that deep expertise is the only way to do work that matters. That’s why the agency focuses 100% on Programmatic Advertising. That focus is why the biggest companies in North America trust them including Adidas, NBA Store, Subway, and Concord Pacific.


Devotion is an independently owned, full-service digital agency. They create smart, results-driven experiences that engage people, transform brands, grow businesses, and drive stronger connections.


Devotion has AI-first, growth-focused, omnichannel digital marketing solutions to help your business grow. If you want to grow and need a performance marketing agency for startups, Devotion may be just what you’re looking for.

If you already have a growth strategy in place and need support in a specific channel, Devotion can help. The team of experts can deliver scalable results through:

  • Online Advertising
  • SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Asset Development

Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility prides itself as one of the best performance marketing agencies and when you look at its projects and the results you can easily understand that this is for a reason.


Professional, devoted, and experienced, their team manages projects efficiently and effectively while remaining adaptable to changes in scope. Among their performance marketing services are paid search management, Google AdWords, social media advertising, media buys, display advertising, conversion rate optimization, and offline conversion tracking.

Ignite Visibility’s detailed-oriented efforts produce results, including significant increases in both organic rankings and leads for your small business or startup. We should also emphasize that their motto is to work with people who are number one in their vertical or who have the potential to become number one.


When it comes to finding the right performance marketing agency in the UK, you need one that understands your industry and business objectives and helps you to navigate the highly-competitive digital landscape.


Hallam is a data-driven performance marketing agency for small businesses that deliver remarkable results. 

Hallam is proud to be a Google Premier Partner, which indicates that they’re one of their top-performing agencies qualified in Display, Shopping, and Search. This status gives them access to invaluable data and support, straight from Google, which they can use to further optimize their clients’ campaigns. 

Winner of Google Premier Partners Growing Businesses Online Award, Hallam uses bespoke models and tools for targeted paid search campaigns.


SmallGiants was created on the concept that every company has the potential to become a market giant. They believe there is a better method to advertise, one that blends a disciplined strategy with agile development and ongoing experimentation.

small giants performance marketing agency

They really believe in the revolutionary power of digital technology and performance marketing strategy to improve your company’s capacity to acquire new consumers, engage with current customers, and elevate their experiences, which is why they are so enthusiastic about what they do. This philosophy is at the heart of their business framework and drives them to do everything they can to help their clients achieve their objectives.

The SEO Works

The SEO Works is a digital agency with offices in London, Leeds and Sheffield. Their PPC Services cover every aspect needed to run a successful PPC Campaign.

Their PPC experts are Google and Bing qualified, ensuring they can manage your paid campaign with the latest industry standards.

Pay Per Click campaign management at The SEO Works include bespoke strategy, best practice setup, measurable results, proactive account management, and their know-how & experience in PPC.

Emote Digital

Emote Digital is a performance marketing agency that delivers integrated solutions with beautiful results. What’s more, they also offer services including in-house WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and digital marketing.

They consist of designers, writers, strategists and marketing experts who love to create, collaborate, and do what they do best. With their collaborative work, they can focus on delivering consistently beautiful results for your business.

Zest Digital

UK-based Zest Digital is a performance marketing agency with offices in Oxford, London and Birmingham. For more than a decade, the agency has been supporting more than 350 organizations to achieve sustainable growth.

They specialize in enhancing the quantity and quality of traffic as well as conversions from digital channels, the two key KPIs that companies marketing online face today. Their services include SEO, PPC, Web services and social advertising.

44 North Digital Marketing

44 North Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency focusing on lead generation, web design and email marketing automation. They help startups and small businesses generate leads, increase sales and transform customers into brand ambassadors.

As a PPC agency, they can help businesses save money finding new customers and then turn those customers into brand ambassadors. They make sure that pay-per-click advertising on search engines and social media should become a key piece of your strategy.

Pay-per-click services of 44 North Digital Marketing:

  • Google adwords
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Reddit ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Display advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Cost per click optimization
  • A/B testing
  • Conversion tracking

From social media to search engines, performance marketing agencies can help you shine among your competitors. Let’s discover PPC marketing channels and reach your goal with the perfect performance marketing management.

If you think that you need to get other kinds of services digital marketing offers, see the best digital marketing agencies with best practices.

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