ProperExpression’s CRM Management and Omnichannel Growth Marketing Strategy Drove New Business & Brand Visibility for DeskDirector

ProperExpression revitalized the growth marketing strategy, sales process, and CRM management of DeskDirector, service automation, and client portal software company.

DeskDirector is a service automation software and client portal for IT MSPs that offer a user-friendly interface to centralize all communication while creating powerful automation that enables faster, more reliable services to each client of the MSP.

The software enables MSPs to automate repetitive tasks, accelerate ticket response times, provide enhanced visibility to dispatchers, guide techs and provide in-depth analytics to clients, all from one platform.

The Challenge

1. Limited Visibility into Sales

With limited visibility into the Sales pipeline and few established processes and automation, the Sales team could not convert sales-ready leads into customers.

2. Limited High-Value Opportunity Creation

Despite steady lead generation, few leads converted into opportunities for mid and high-tier DeskDirector products.

3. Undifferentiated Positioning in a Complex Market

Prospects and clients alike had difficulties understanding the full value of DeskDirector, and DeskDirector was not ranking on target high-purchase intent keywords in its category.

The Solution

1. Revitalization & Restructuring of the Sales Process

ProperExpression cleaned and segmented the database, assigned proper lifecycle stages, implemented lead scoring, set up sales rep notifications and full-funnel automation, and developed relevant reports and dashboards to monitor the sales funnel accurately.

2. Lead Nurturing & Audience Segmentation

The ProperExpression team created email nurturing campaigns and workflows for segmented audiences, with content dependent on lifecycle stage, job position, lead score, etc., crafted paid retargeting ad campaigns, and developed a monthly webinar series featuring topics catered to each audience.

3. Positioning, Content Creation & SEO Strategy

Along with paid search campaigns, ProperExpression instituted regular keyword-rich content creation in the form of blog posts and pillar pages, developed landing pages with improved product positioning and conducted on-page optimization, all in support of an SEO strategy.

The Results

Through CRM management, sales process consulting, SEO, webinars, and an omnichannel marketing strategy, ProperExpression set DeskDirector up for continuous success in closing new businesses and enhancing overall brand awareness and visibility.

  • +65% increase in average monthly revenue
  • +129% increase in organic impressions
  • $240k influenced revenue from 6 webinars
  • +104% increase in contacts worked by sales

About ProperExpression

ProperExpression blends art, data science and digital innovation to deliver creative solutions to quantifiable problems. The strategies and tactics they execute for clients manifest into multi-channel campaigns that directly impact the bottom line.

With a results-driven culture and strong emphasis on tracking and data analytics, they work closely with sales teams to push deals across the finish line, maximizing the ROI of every marketing dollar.