DIJGTAL Developed an End-to-End Product Redesign Strategy

13SICK, National Home Doctor Service approached DIJGTAL to build a better understanding of their user journey.

13SICK, National Home Doctor Service

13SICK, National Home Doctor Service is Australia’s most trusted network of after-hours, home-visiting doctors. They provide treatment to patients when they urgently need to see a doctor, but their GP is closed. Their services are conveniently bulk-billed, and help the extended community by relieving the pressure on hospital Emergency Departments.

Business Problem

13SICK wanted to increase the number of app downloads, rate of adoption, and level of confidence in their brand by ensuring their product fully supports people in their moments of need.

They engaged DIJGTAL to build a better understanding of their user journey. In particular, they wanted to identify the emotions that customers were feeling when using their service, and how this might have been impacting the overall product experience.



DIJGTAL developed an end-to-end product redesign strategy to help uncover existing user pain points, along with identifying and validating new opportunities to enhance the overall mobile experience.

Typically the 13SICK service is used during periods of panic, anxiousness or concern for others. Due to this, it was imperative that DIJGTAL’s research strategy helped capture the wide range of emotional states that people experience whilst using the app.

The agency used this line of thinking to guide their design direction, and then complimented this with robust usability testing to ensure that the end product design and app build functioned as expected and as needed.


Overall the product achieved the business and user requirements and successfully elevated the brand in the marketplace, especially via word of mouth after usage.


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