Airbnb And Pinterest Expose Travel Guidebooks For Every Traveler

If you’re in need of some travel inspiration – look no further than the most photo-worthy travel trends triggering Pinterest users and Airbnb guests to book some out of this world trips and experiences.

From adrenaline-fueled adventures, to eco-friendly dwellings, to trips among the stars, Pinterest and Airbnb are teaming up to reveal some of the most exhilarating travel itineraries, no matter your passion.

Getting Back to Your Roots


Pinterest users are inspired by nature this year, with searches for “nature travel” up more than %88; Airbnb guests are certainly feeling the same with nature (539%), meditation (367%), and hiking (655%) all globally increasing in year-over-year booking popularity as some of Airbnb’s top trends for 2019.

Airbnb hosts offer a wide range of Homes and Experiences that give guests the chance to immerse themselves in nature.

Out of This World Experiences


Pinterest and Airbnb are discovering more and more people are turning to the stars when it comes to travel planning, with global searches for “space travel” more than %70 on Pinterest. And with nearly 3,000 homes around the world equipped with telescopes, and unique astro Experiences on Airbnb, our community is embracing this astronomical trend, as well.

Calling All Thrill Seekers


Adventure travel is continuing to rise on Pinterest and searches are up more than %693. Pinners are searching for adventure-themed ideas for a thrill like swimming holes (%260 YoY increase), abandoned amusement parks (%185 YoY increase), cave diving (more than %143) and surprise destinations (%192 YoY increase). Airbnb is also seeing an increase in adventure and passion-based travel, particularly with surfing. In 2016, Airbnb joined up with the World Surf League to unlock 10,000 surfing Experiences across the globe.

Here are some other daring Experiences for those seeking an adrenaline rush:

• WSL Experience: Learn To Surf Waikiki Honolulu, Hawaii
• BlueCave snorkel with Oki market visit Osaka, Japan
• Learn To Eat Fire Los Angeles, CA
• Coconut & Island Survival Workshop San Juan, Puerto Rico
• Sea Urchins Experience Tour in Sea Cave Lisbon, Portugal

Love for a Good Bargain


Just the thought of taking a vacation can leave us already feeling “spring broke”. Pinners however are looking to keep their vacations practical with searches for “budget travel” up more than 64 percent1 over last year. There are countless destinations where Airbnb is incredibly affordable and we’ve highlighted some wallet-friendly Homes and Experiences below.

Here are some of the top cities where the average price per night for bookings is under $754:

• Bologna, Italy
• Busan, South Korea
• Lyon, France
• Porto, Portugal
• Ottawa, Canada
• Prague, Czech Republic
• Moscow, Russia
• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
• Taipei, Taiwan
• Bali, Indonesia

A few of the most-booked Experiences $25 or under:

• Kayak in La Jolla (7 Sea Caves) San Diego, CA
• Old San Juan Best Kept Secrets Tour San Juan, Puerto Rico
• Tsukiji Market Tour with Tsukiji Lover Tokyo, Japan
• City Tour by Bike Seville, Spain
• Peckham Hidden Jazz Club London, UK

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Thinking Green


People want to minimize their carbon footprint and find ideas on how they can be eco friendly, with searches on Pinterest for “sustainable travel” up more than 56 percent worldwide6. Airbnb is committed to promoting healthy tourism by helping Homes and Experience hosts reinvigorate both rural communities, like Grottole, Italy, and destinations recovering from natural disasters, like Puerto Rico, through sustainable, authentic tourism.

From Chilly Winter to Tropical Chilling


After much of the northern hemisphere experienced a frigid winter, people are packing for warmer climates, but are veering away from traditional beach locales and opting for more under the radar destinations. Pinterest has seen a 152 percent rise in global searches for “cold to warm travel outfits”1, and Airbnb’s most trending destinations for spring are hot, hot, hot.

Bundle up for the flight before jumping into your suit in these destinations seeing the biggest growth from last year’s spring travel period amongst global travelers7:

• Monterrey, Mexico (678%)
• Carolina, Puerto Rico (643%)
• Santos, Brazil (432%)
• San Juan, Puerto Rico (392%)
• Dapa, Philippines (380%)
• St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (338%)
• Atlanta, GA (175%)
• Guadeloupe, Guadeloupe (157%)
• Houston, TX (155%)
• Dallas, TX (150%)

Puppy-Friendly Pads


If you have a furry friend that you’d like to take with you on your next vacation, you don’t need to stress in finding a place to stay. Global searches for “dog-friendly vacations” are up more than 146 percent1 on Pinterest and there are more than 1.3 million pet-friendly Airbnb listings around the world,4 so get ready to plan a vacation that both you and your pet will enjoy.