It All Adds Up: The Power of Collective Efforts

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift towards environmental responsibility across industries. This has led to a surge in the use of natural materials like wood. This trend presents a unique challenge: preserving the beauty and longevity of wood often requires chemical treatments that can have a negative environmental impact.

The Case

AkzoNobel Wood Finishes recognised this dilemma. Many of their customers, like OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), sought sustainable solutions and practices across the supply chain, and were looking for a coatings partner to help them navigate this shift. They were searching for ways to improve their own sustainability credentials but weren’t necessarily aware of options that balanced eco-friendliness with effective wood protection.

AkzoNobel Wood Finishes wanted to bridge this gap and establish themselves as the go-to partner for those seeking responsible wood coatings: boasting a more sustainable supply chain, enhancing the durability of wood, and ongoing research and development in sustainability.

The Challenge

Research uncovered that while customers were eager to enhance their own sustainability efforts, they lacked clarity on how to achieve these goals. Therefore, they were actively seeking clearer sustainability credentials and support from their suppliers, so that they could effectively walk the talk.

The aim of this campaign was to raise awareness of AkzoNobel Wood Finishes’ existing sustainability practices in a way that resonated with the target audience. They wanted to understand how AkzoNobel Wood Finishes could help them achieve their sustainability goals, emphasising transparency and tangible actions.


The Output

When it comes to sustainability, we all have a part to play. It is a shared responsibility. Because no matter how small some steps may seem, together they can have a massive impact. That’s why Meijer + Walters’ solution was a multi-faceted campaign titled “It all adds up”. 

It emphasised the power of collective action, conveying the message that small, individual steps across the supply chain can lead to significant change for the wood coatings industry, benefiting businesses, people, and the planet.

The campaign maintained a factual tone, aligning with three core pillars:

  • Taking the lead: Positioning AkzoNobel Wood Finishes as a sustainability leader.
  • Exploring new options: Highlighting their commitment to more sustainable solutions.
  • Sharing responsibility: Promoting collaboration for a sustainable future.

Each pillar was supported by proof points showcasing how, step by step, the company undertakes a multitude of actions geared towards sustainability. From replacing light bulbs on sites and reducing waste to optimising energy consumption during curing and providing carbon footprint data about products, it all adds up indeed.

This demonstrated accountability while putting forward offerings that facilitated customers’ journey toward sustainability, thus establishing AkzoNobel as the ideal partner in the field of wood coatings.

Creative choices in photography, shapes, and colours added depth and personality to the message. They connected nature to sustainability, playing with the various visual devices to define the visual identity of each of the core pillars as well as that of the overarching message of “It all adds up.”

Through this strategic and creative approach, Meijer + Walters not only met AkzoNobel Wood Finishes’ goals to raise awareness of their sustainability efforts but also empowered their customers to embrace and work towards a more sustainable future in the wood coatings industry.

About Meijer + Walters

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