A New Website for IVET by Emote Digital

Emote Digital created a new website for IVET which is an online platform helping schools, teachers, and students build the future.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

An online platform helping schools, teachers, and students build the future.

Founded by teachers in 2011, IVET Group is one of Australia’s leading RTO’s and the preferred and trusted partner to hundreds of schools.

IVET specialize in supporting and empowering Schools to deliver a wide range of VET in Schools programs across the country, and needed a new website to optimize the delivery of their services.

The Challenge

With three distinct audiences, IVET needed a website that would appeal to multiple targets with a focus on ease of navigation and succinct messaging. While their offering is quite corporate, their largest audience is youth.

The design needed to balance these two requirements. And with an ever-evolving suite of programs and services, the IVET site needed to be easy to update within the organization at all times.


The Approach

After providing two possible homepage design directions, IVET chose a clear favorite. This formed the basis of the rest of the site design focused on seamless user navigation and UX to make it easy for the multiple target audiences to find and navigate the site.

The need for responsive design and development was also important to cater to a broad range of users across all devices, and their bespoke icons and illustrations ensured a balance between corporate and youthful visuals.

IVET had previously found the use of multiple platforms inefficient or ineffective, so the new site was designed with the ability to house all the FAQs in the backend to make it easier for content editors to control.

Emote used Oxygen Editor for the frontend to make it as seamless as possible for admins to edit and build pages using existing modules and designs.

The Outcome

The new IVET website offers schools, teachers, and students a targeted UX-focused platform with 24 hour response time. The visual design is both appealing and functional and navigation is simple and efficient.

The IVET website serves over 30,000 students Australia-wide and saves 12,000 teachers 70% in administration time.

Editability of the site is also simple to cater to the ever-evolving IVET offering. IVET love what they have created together and will be working with them on branding and marketing services in the future.

About Emote Digital

Emote Digital has been delivering integrated solutions with beautiful results since 2001 offering in-house WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and digital marketing services.