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Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns showcasing social media marketing campaign examples, ideas and case studies including social media contests, games and similar social media apps.

Heineken Contest: The Dream Island

Heineken Contest: The Dream Island

Heineken has launched “The Dream Island” campaign, an innovative approach to inspire people to open their world and realize their unfulfilled dreams. It’s easy to have a dream, and it’s even easier for that dream to remain only a dream. Heineken wanted to inspire a select few individuals by running a contest to win a […]

ikea wedding online

IKEA Offers Virtual Weddings Through Their New Online Wedding Website

The Swedish DIY-furniture manufacturer, IKEA, has launched a service that allows users to hold a virtual wedding online. IKEA has launched the Wedding Online service, which will enable couples to get married virtually and share their special day with people around the world. The project was created by Swedish agency, Åkestam Holst. On the project’s […]

Dove Social Media Campaign: #SpeakBeautiful

Dove Social Media Campaign: #SpeakBeautiful

Dove’s social media campaign, #SpeakBeautiful, will encourage women to realize the role their online words play in impacting their confidence and self-esteem. As a part of the marketing campaign #SpeakBeautiful, to boost self esteem on Twitter, the social network and Dove posted a video that will air during the Academy Awards pre-show to promote its #SpeakBeautiful […]

Durex Valentine’s Day Campaign 50 Games To Play

Durex Valentine’s Day Campaign: 50 Games To Play

Durex is encouraging couples to forget chocolates and roses this Valentine’s Day and try something sexy instead. The “50 Games To Play” campaign launches Durex’s latest product, Performax Intense, a condom designed to help couples be more in-sync during sex. The campaign was launched on the back of Durex research that found pleasure gels to be one of […]


Gap Launches #SpringIsWeird Campaign On Instagram

Gap has launched a 12-part “microseries” on Instagram video for its upcoming Spring campaign, called “Spring is Weird”. Gap’s advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy has created a series of 12 short films, each only 15 seconds long, telling a love story between “Marcel the Shell” creator Jenny Slate and actor Paul Dano. The series presents […]

Fiat500 we love pink

Fiat 500 At The Amsterdam Gay Pride: #WeLovePink

The campaign, We Love Pink, was created for Fiat to advertise the limited edition Fiat 500 in Pink whilst Gay Pride was held in the canals of Amsterdam. The Fiat 500 is a popular car in the Netherlands and even more so within the gay community. In 2008 and 2010, the Fiat 500 was named […]

CocaCola make it happy

Coca-Cola Pours Happiness With Make It Happy Campaign

Coca Cola advertising during the 2015 Super Bowl was focused on making the internet happier with the ad campaign titled “Make It Happy”. The ad featured a unique spin on the importance of creating more positivity on the World Wide Web, highlighting inspiring moments of optimism in the face of online negativity. Through the ad, Coca-Cola […]

BBDO Stalker

BBDO Stalked Over 12,000 LinkedIn Profiles To Promote New TV Series

In order to drive the launch of a new thriller series, Stalker on Belgian TV, an unusual and slightly creepy marketing campaign was created by BBDO and Vier using Linkedin. Linkedin is primarily known as a professional business network where people stay connected with colleagues and stay in touch with other business professionals. The social […]

BMW’s Snapchat Inspired Campaign: Snowchat

BMW’s Snapchat Inspired Campaign: Snowchat

BMW launched a social campaign and website called Snowchat, which lets users share pictures that last only seconds. The inspiration comes from the highly popular Snapchat app which has grown into tens of millions of young users. The Snowchat site which promotes the new BMW X4 SUV, aimed at younger consumers than BMW’s average drivers. The […]

mercedes gla car builder instagram

Mercedes-Benz Car Builder On Instagram

Mercedes-Benz’s GLA Car Builder on Instagram takes you on a guided journey to explore and customise your new car. Mercedes-Benz Car Builder created by agency Razorfish, takes advantage of Instagram’s linking capability. The builder uses hundreds of linked accounts and thousands of images to let you pick the color, wheels, roof and grill of your […]

Volkswagen Social Campaign PoloTag

Volkswagen Social Campaign: #PoloTag

Volkswagen created a real-world social game challenging people to spot the new Polo around a specified route, tag it on twitter, and then test drive it. For 6 days, in three major cities, South Africans played the “PoloTag” social game. The participant who drove it for the longest without being tagged took the new Polo. Volkswagen […]


Honda #Cheerance Campaign

Honda launched the #Cheerance campaign spreading cheer to three million people through a five-day Honda summer clearence event. Summer Cheerance Honda launched “Summer Cheerance” by spreading amusing videos, memes, GIFs and visual jokes via social media, as well as hosting events from August 4 to August 8 to support the brand’s annual Summer Clearance Sales […]