Ziflow Uses AI to Help Agencies with Their Internal and External Creative Workflow Processes

Unleash the power of ZiflowAI and supercharge your creative projects

The buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) is undeniable, and its potential impact on various industries has everyone talking. Creative agencies are in the thick of it, as AI has already assumed responsibilities like campaign optimization, personalization, and budget management. Now, AI is stepping into content creation. While this new frontier raises concerns among creative teams about being replaced by cost-effective AI solutions, Ziflow is here to offer a different perspective.

Ziflow, the game-changing creative workflow platform

Ziflow is a creative review and approval platform designed to help agencies and clients streamline the feedback and approval process for any asset from start to finish. The platform is committed to empowering creators and enabling them to focus on their designs rather than administrative tasks. Ziflow envisions AI as a tool to boost collaboration within teams and increase productivity, rather than replacing skilled professionals. To make this a reality, they’ve introduced a groundbreaking new feature: ZiflowAI.

ZiflowAI: Take your agency’s creative process and client relationships to the next level

Most businesses have interacted with AI in some form or another on a daily basis. They enjoy more automated processes, improved security measures, streamlined decision-making, and predictive analytics. There is no doubt that we will witness a further increase in the use of AI and the ways businesses can make the most of AI in digital marketing.

ZiflowAI is an AI-powered chatbot integrated into Ziflow’s award-winning Proof Viewer. By simply mentioning “AI” in a comment, along with a question or request, reviewers can engage ZiflowAI for a helping hand. Within moments, ZiflowAI offers a creative solution, bypassing the need for time-consuming brainstorming sessions.

ZiflowAI’s responses appear within the comment and feedback thread, fostering a collaborative review process. It’s designed to complement, not replace, the skills of designers and copywriters.

How ZiflowAI empowers your creative team

Banish writer’s block
ZiflowAI can provide suggestions for improving headlines, subheadings, or body copy. The more details you provide, the more creative and responsive the AI becomes. Instead of waiting for inspiration, copywriters can simply ask ZiflowAI for an alternate copy and then teams can vote on the best version within the Proof Viewer.

Connect stakeholders and designers
ZiflowAI helps bridge communication gaps between executives, clients, and designers. Creatives and clients aren’t always on the same page and sometimes clients have a hard time describing what they actually want. ZiflowAI offers ideas and directions to overcome creative deadlocks and enhance team collaboration. So designers will get less vague requests like “Can you make this different?” and more actionable feedback.

Refresh visual elements
By incorporating ZiflowAI into the conversation, reviewers can get ideas for new and updated visuals for their content, including images, videos, and infographics.

Ziflow considers this the “version 1.0” of ZiflowAI, with plans for more features and capabilities, such as automatic content and sentiment analysis within proofs. As generative AI continues to evolve, Ziflow remains dedicated to using it in ways that respect and enhance the efforts of project managers and creative teams. ZiflowAI represents a revolutionary step towards harnessing AI’s potential for inclusivity, inspiration, and collaboration.

ZiflowAI is now available for all Ziflow customers on Business or Enterprise plans. Visit Ziflow’s website to learn more about how ZiflowAI can transform your creative workflow and strengthen client relationships.