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Worldwide Mobile And Digital Ad Spending Forecast By eMarketer

The definitive research source for marketing – eMarketer, created a forecast tool that allows engagement with their worldwide data on mobile and digital marketing and ad spending trends.

eMarketer gathered the data and built the interactive tool to provide answers and allow users to observe the global advertising landscape and explore how marketers all around the world will embrace digital and mobile media from 2015 through 2018.

The interactive ad spending forecast tool is also useful to compare countries with their counterparts across the world.

The worldwide advertising market will grow as a whole driven by digital media, but each country is developing at a different pace. The Interactive Guide to Worldwide Ad Spending provides a comprehensive view of our forecast to help navigate complexities in the ad market.

Said Haixia Wang, vice president of forecasting at eMarketer.

digital marketing ad spending forecast 2015

Explore the dynamics of the global digital & mobile marketing landscape and compare and contrast which countries are projected to make the fastest switch to digital, and which are staying the course with traditional media.

You can explore the tool here: www.emarketer.com/adspendtool UPDATE: The tool has been removed by eMarketer.

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