With Webtures SEO, E-Cerez Managed to Increase Conversion Rates 850%

The last example of Webtures Digital Marketing Agency’s success story is in the e-commerce sector. E-Cerez is an e-commerce website that focused on organic nutrients, spices, and nuts.

After they started working with Webtures their conversions rate increased by 850% while their organic traffic grew by 116% in 1 year. Also, while they appeared with only 4800 keywords in search results we increased this number to over 12.700 in 12 months.


Webtures started their E- Cerez tasks with the strategy of increasing conversions by preserving and adding to the existing organic traffic. In this case, Webtures proceeded in coordination with the software and content team for technical and design arrangements. In this process, their goals were;

  • To introduce their products more clearly.
  • Bringing their quality to users.
  • Presenting relevant products and information to the target audience.


In order to increase conversions quickly through their existing organic traffic, Webtures needed to increase the number of products on their website and add product descriptions correctly. For this reason, Webtures worked with the content team to ensure that new products and descriptions were added to the website quickly.

  • Webtures have optimized their product categories and product pages in accordance with Google algorithms.
  • Webtures made it easier for users to navigate between products with on-site UX improvements.
  • Webtures made the website more understandable by identifying and simplifying similar pages that would create confusion for users.
  • Webtures used the relevant product/supplementary strategy for product pages.

Webtures put emphasis on user experience that Google cares more than almost anything else.


Webtures received both position and conversion rate increases related to the strategies they implemented in e-commerce.

  • E- Cerez while appeared with 4,780 keywords in the search results Webtures started working on and then they managed to increase this number to over 12,700.
  • Their organic traffic has increased by 116% in the last 12 months.
  • In line with their strategies, conversions rates increased by 850%.

Lastly, Webtures get these incredible results without getting any backlinks. They focused on both technical and on-page optimizations to improve user experience.

About Webtures

Webtures is an agency that makes good companies more visible and acts with the mission of providing people with good and quality. This approach not only creates a selective customer profile but also enables them to develop a business model that contributes to a multi-faceted development that requires them to touch their customers’ offline user experiences as well as online experiences.

The brand, Webtures, which is a combination of the words Web and Ventures, has been established to provide maximum contribution to the enterprise ecosystem, and this approach has been the foundation of their Digital Angel Investments program, through which Webtures develop their GiveBack culture by investing in enterprises.