eDesign Interactive Created an Amazing Showcase for a Master Brand Builder

Dyrdek Machine partnered with digital experience agency eDesign Interactive to get help with rebuilding its website.

Before the Machine: Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek is a master brand builder, producer, reality TV personality, and former professional skateboarder, best known for the MTV shows Rob & Big, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness. Raised around creatively-driven entrepreneurs, Rob built his personal brand as a young pro skateboarder and launched his first company at 18. He created the world’s first skate plaza, produced the first skateboarding feature film, and built the very first professional skateboarding league.

Today, Rob uses the Dyrdek Machine platform to master his ability to foster ideas, curate individuals, and systematically create successful, thriving businesses from nothing more than a vision and a dream.

The Opportunity

As a master brand builder, Dyrdek Machine needed a gateway that would appeal to the sophisticated, serial entrepreneur looking for an amazing partner to help build their vision. They sought an updated website that would wow visitors and allow them to immediately understand that Dyrdek Machine is NOT the average venture capital firm.

They wanted their portfolio companies to shine brighter on the site, and they required an accessible Content Management System that would allow for easy and flexible in-house updates. They also wanted a partner that would adhere to their extensive set of brand and icon guidelines.

What eDesign Interactive Did

When eDesign Interactive heard that Dyrdek Machine was looking for a new set of creative eyes to help rebuild its website, they knew that eDesign was made for the task. They started by doing a deep dive into Rob Dyrdek and his company—quickly determining that the site would need a “build with me” feel that reflected Rob’s essence and conveyed his high-energy, hands-on approach.


The eDesign team hopped on a plane to Los Angeles to meet with Rob and his fellow Do-Or-Diers® in order to truly soak in their unmatched passion and drive. They put together a creative brief and hit the ground running, working hand-in-hand with Rob to co-create the site every step of the way. The new Dyrdek Machine website was built using a modern front-end javascript framework for fast loading across all devices, with meticulously wireframed screens to match the narrative Dyrdek Machine wanted to convey.

How It Went

The new Dyrdek Machine website offers a dynamic yet streamlined window into the company, highlighting Rob’s celebrity while still letting the portfolio partners shine. eDesign Interactive brought partners to the forefront through an animated scrolling solution that showcases each brand at its best, putting their products front and center.

Similarly, they used a scrolling experience to explain what The Machine Method is, drilling down to the nitty gritty details without overwhelming the user.

Adding Value

Their innovative designers animated existing brand icons to show how a set of principles, elements and systems come together to form The Machine Method, adding value while still adhering to brand guidelines.

Next Step

Rob’s distinct voice and vision come through on every page of the site via crisp, first-person language and compelling pull-quotes curated by their content creation team. The site’s new scalable CMS allows Dyrdek Machine to easily swap out or update content as portfolio companies go through the exit cycle for a true turn-key experience. Next eDesign Interactive will help Dyrdek Machine launch its Shopify eCommerce experience for branded merchandise sales, further building buzz for prospective Do-Or-Dier® founders.

eDesign Interactive’s Role

UX/UI Design, Visual Design, Motion Graphics, Icon Development, Branding, Front-End Development, CMS, SEO, Drupal Integration, Ongoing Maintenance, Copywriter, Editing.

About Dyrdek Machine

Dyrdek Machine is a one-of-a-kind venture studio that offers the unique opportunity to create a brand with passionate celebrity serial entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek.

Obsessed with building amazing companies, Rob Dyrdek values the fun and excitement of the journey as much as the success and return on his personal capital investment. All ideas that come to Dyrdek Machine enter The Machine Method, a robust assessment and company building system. The company seeks out likeminded Do-Or-Dier® founders with the fortitude, work ethic, grit, determination and unwavering self-belief to turn their passions into reality.

About eDesign Interactive

eDesign Interactive is a digital experience agency headquartered in Morristown, NJ. The agency that was founded in 2004 design dazzling websites, digital strategies, and interactive campaigns.