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Westwin Hosts Plan China Conference In London, Sharing Insights Into China’s Digital Landscape

Westwin, a leading digital marketing and technology company that focuses on cross-border business, hosted Plan China — China Marketing Forum (“Plan China”) in London, United Kingdom.

Plan China is Westwin‘s first international insights sharing event dedicated to marketing professionals and is designed to assist UK brands in activating their business on the Chinese market effortlessly.

During Plan China, Westwin, together with its strategic business partners, presented key market findings and statistics following the nation’s landmark celebration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Peoples’ Republic of China. The nation is now home to 22 of the world’s 37 megacities including Shanghai – globally the 18th largest economy – and its middle class is rapidly growing with predictions of the group hitting 350 by 2030.


Referencing Deloitte’s ‘Trends in 2025’ white paper on marketing communications in China, the conference reiterated that digitalization would be the future primary driver of marketing and advertising in China. Furthermore, it is expected that digital advertising will overtake traditional advertising by 2022, signaling significant opportunities for overseas companies looking to capitalize on China’s eCommerce growth. Fueled by technological innovations, China boasts the world’s largest online retail market with a mammoth US$1.5 trillion online retail transaction value – a figure more substantial than the next ten markets combined.

As China’s digital marketing environment continues to evolve at pace and in complexity, Alain de Maurier, Westwin’s Sales & Marketing Director, believes that it is vital to understand the unique mechanism of Chinese digital landscape, understand local customers, the platforms and tools companies use to boost growth in China.

Alain de Maurier, Sales & Marketing Director at Westwin commented,

Westwin will become indispensable to British businesses, helping them navigate and execute digital marketing campaigns and capitalize on China’s growing market.

We launched Plan China to help our partners gain a better understanding of China’s vast digital marketing scene. However, this is just the start for Westwin. Our goal is to become a trusted partner for British businesses activating in China.


With its Europe headquarter located in London, Westwin regards UK as a strategically important market.

Earlier this year at Createch 2019, Anderson Liu, CEO of Westwin, delivered a speech on the opportunities for the UK-China cooperation at the time marred by the global trade tensions, echoing Westin’s commitment to bridging the gaps of the partnerships between the two countries.

About Westwin

Westwin, formerly known as Microsoft Online (MSN China), is a leading digital marketing and technology company that focuses on cross-border business. It provides branding strategies and digital marketing solutions to help clients achieve success in China and around the world. Westwin is a certified marketing & advertising partner of Baidu, Tencent, WeChat, Sina, Weibo and more major digital platforms in China. With years of experience in cross-border business and partnership growth, Westwin is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to take businesses to the next level in overseas markets.

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