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Best SEO Agencies in Dubai With the Great Case Studies

Digital presence is everything for today’s businesses, and there are many best SEO agencies in Dubai ready to help. A majority of potential customers won’t look beyond the first page of search results. 

Making your website and digital content SEO friendly is the guarantee to the perfect strategic location to display your brand and the highway to success. You don’t need to worry about the details, because this is what agencies are for. 

In Dubai, SEO agencies are offered alongside other digital marketing solutions by digital marketing agencies. It usually comes as part of a complete digital campaign package. However, they offer help at various stages depending on your needs and demands.

SEO agencies work with the best SEO tools, so they can boost your website’s visibility and traffic organically. They will optimize your content strategy and increase your website’s visibility on SERP so that it appears on the top page of search results, increasing the likelihood of your website being found by your target audience.

What the SEO companies actually offer usually varies according to their specific areas of expertise. But in terms of SEO-oriented campaigns and solutions, the most common services are:

The more probable it is that your website will appear on the top of the SERP for keywords related to your product/services. Below, we have listed the best SEO agencies in Dubai that are offering various organic traffic services and SEO tools for your convenience.

Best SEO Agencies and Companies in Dubai with Great Case Studies

Here’s a list of the top SEO companies in Dubai. We curated experts in their field, offering various services and tools for your convenience:

  • Zoom Digital
  • Crowd
  • PLAN A Agency
  • Amplify Dubai
  • GPS Marketing

Zoom Digital

Zoom Digital is a digital marketing and software development agency based in Dubai, offering SEO services among its other areas of expertise. Zoom Digital offers you award-winning and full-service marketing agency services from Dubai to the whole world. They provide organic traffic services to many industries such as manufacturing, online stores, bloggers, enterprises, and export. Zoom Digital’s SEO service includes three main business items:

  • Increasing SERP rankings and making your business visible.
  • The value of organic website traffic in real currency.
  • Increasing the company’s organic search visibility.

Zoom Digital works on your company in sending traffic to your website, entrance to a new market, and the professional preparation of audit and strategy as one of the best SEO companies in Dubai.


A Successful SEO Case Study of Zoom Digital

Miranda Davidson

Miranda Davidson is a casting and global talent agency based in the Middle East. Miranda Davidson Studios, which showed itself by supporting many successful films, applied to Zoom Digital for itself this time. Zoom Digital’s SEO experts focused deeply on link building for the Miranda Davidson brand. Taking care of Miranda Davidson’s leading among its competitors, Zoom Digital applied the best strategy.

Zoom Digital increased the brand’s online visibility, domain authority, traffic throughput, lead generation, and organic keyword ranking. With these results, the rise of the Miranda Davidson brand was visible. To show with numerical values, 200% increase in organic traffic, 83% increase in search engine visibility, 10% increase in click share, 26 keyword rank on the page were observed.



Crowd is an expert digital marketing agency specialized in SEO solutions, in many countries including Dubai. With Crowd SEO services in Dubai, it is to ensure that its customers show expertise, authority, and reliability. The SEO strategy prepared for you is always shaped by extensive analytical research, competitor analysis, and technical audits of your site.

The agency bases its strategy on data and is in line with your brand’s marketing strategy. In this way, the SEO strategy implemented by Crowd means that it will also be compatible and integrated with the brand’s PR and social media strategy. The digital marketing strategy action plan created for you by Crowd includes a roadmap for long-term goals and clearly shows you your short-term goals.

A Successful SEO Case Study by Crowd

Delivering the Dubai Advantage

Crowd, which has existed in Dubai as one of the top SEO companies for many years, is an agency that knows the tricks of doing business for this place. Eagerly conducting SEO Dubai, which continues to attract the world’s largest companies and entrepreneurs, Crowd is enjoying its success. They have experts at both On-Page and Off-Page optimization services.

At the end of the study, a 50% increase in US organic traffic.

PLAN A Agency


PLAN A Agency is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO in Dubai. How is it different from other SEO companies in Dubai? They have a comprehensive approach to digital branding in Dubai, offering expert support every step of the way from strategy to execution.

PLAN A Agency offers a comprehensive service for you from website technical audits to backlink buildings. If you want support from an expert team to increase your organic ranking with a successful SEO strategy, you can contact PLAN A Agency, one of the best SEO agencies in Dubai, via their website.

A Successful SEO Case Study by PLAN A Agency

Albait Alshami Restaurant

PLAN A Agency did ASO-friendly mobile app development for Albait Alshami Restaurant. In this way, the agency that promoted the app by going to the top in searches achieved successful results. With the increase in the number of customers of the restaurant in Dubai, many expected results were achieved.

Amplify Dubai


Amplify Dubai is a digital marketing agency that has a data-driven approach to marketing strategies, helping businesses grow their leads and sales numbers. SEO is only one of their areas of expertise, along with website audits, web design strategy, and technical consulting. Result-oriented and determined to take their clients to the next level, they are equipped with professional competence in various aspects of digital marketing. 

SEO needs to be applied to your website to understand where inbound links come from and how your ranking in Search engines has changed. Amplify Dubai is one of the best SEO agencies that are with you at every moment of the process of getting top of the SERP!

A Successful SEO Case Study by iFoundries

FIJI Water

FIJI Water worked with Amplify Dubai for a good marketing strategy while launching its new products. Including many topics, one of the most important in this marketing strategy was the SEO strategy. Search engine optimization was involved in every step of Amplify Dubai’s marketing plan/strategy for FIJI Water.

Amplify Dubai helped the brand stand out by optimizing the brand, audience, content, post quality, and more using optimization techniques. A good content strategy has been prepared for FIJI Water by creating a landing page containing all the information, where to buy the product, and a competition section to attract the attention of the visitors and using SEO in these parts.

GPS Marketing


GPS Marketing is an SEO agency based in Dubai, which provides high-grade SEO support to businesses. They specialize in many areas, offering comprehensive help with digital marketing campaigns and needs.

GPS Marketing is not merely about quantity, but quality. They also helped them communicate to their target audience in an effective way and drive their leads up organically. As SEO experts in Dubai, GPS Marketing’s organic traffic services include Content Marketing, Off-Page optimizations, SEO audit, Keyword analysis, Content creation, link building.

GPS Marketing has worked with diverse brands and organizations in a wide range of industries from banking, retail, technology, to fashion, beauty, and art. Some of their clients include Vans, Columbia Sportswear Company, Svperbia Domus, etc. 

How much does SEO cost in Dubai?

The average monthly price for SEO in Dubai ranges from $300 to $1000 and can go up to $5000 depending on the company’s expertise and how ambitious the offer is. The short answer is, it depends. And the long answer is, you should take your time to see what the companies offer and which would be the best match for your brand.

  • SEO friendly content strategy including social media
  • SEO audit and technical optimizations
  • SEO strategies

Which services would be best for your business, and its specifics would be decided together with the agencies. Depending on your expectation of organic traffic, the competitiveness in your field, the length, and the scope of SEO can vary and include different other services to complement the marketing project. 

In this article we have listed the best SEO agencies in Dubai and their areas of expertise, to help you choose the best fit for your business. You can also explore the best web design agencies in Dubai and the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai if you’re looking for one.

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