A Paid Media Strategy That Unlocks Long-Term Growth

OUAI is an award-winning skin and haircare line with signature scents created by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin. With millions of followers across social media and a devoted customer base, they were a company at the top of their game, but were at risk of losing market share to newer competitors.

The Challenge

In early 2021, OUAI’s online revenue was increasing year over year, but user growth had slowed. In an effort to maintain media efficiency, they were focused on reaching existing customers at the expense of potential new fans. When OUAI approached Major Tom, they identified this slowdown as a leading indicator that would bottleneck future revenue growth.

The Strategy

To get ahead of the problem, Major Tom’s strategy focused on acquiring new customers for OUAI’s online store. Major Tom targeted segments of users who had never visited their site or placed an order, using a shifting combination of lookalike and interest-based targeting. This helped them reach the potential customers most likely to connect with OUAI, rather than work harder to convert those already buying.

First, Major Tom optimized campaigns to maximize user acquisitions, all within their target cost per acquisition based on customer lifetime value. Regular report cards helped evaluate which content was resonating with audiences — and where it worked best — as they continued to refine targeting with their growing pool of data. To maintain impact in the later stages of the campaign, Major Tom worked with the OUAI creative team to repurpose and refresh existing assets for their new digital placements.

The Results

Major tom reached and exceeded OUAI’s customer acquisition targets, giving them a strong foundation for future revenue growth. Major Tom’s campaign drove both traction and immediate returns for the brand throughout the year — a key factor in their acquisition by P&G in late 2021.

  • 63% increase in user acquisition
  • 73% increase in revenue
  • 58% of customers in 2021 were new to the brand

About Major Tom

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