The Walk Agency Built Brand Awareness for Instantscripts

Australian start-up InstantScripts came to The Walk Agency with a proposition: to build awareness of their healthcare services: online prescriptions, telehealth consults, medical certificates, and pathology tests.

The Walk Agency revamped its marketing strategy and positioned InstantScripts as the leading Australian provider of digital healthcare.

The Task

When InstantScripts came to The Walk, they wanted to improve their online advertising campaigns that were delivering diminishing returns. They tasked The Walk with recreating a marketing strategy that fuelled growth and to outperform the results of Australia’s leading digital performance agency, using the same channels. Challenge accepted.

The Goals

The Walk wanted to position InstantScripts as the gold standard when it came to digital healthcare services in Australia, and they knew that a multichannel marketing strategy was the way forward. They focused on driving brand awareness and increasing customer lifetime value.

The Process

  1. The Walk pitched a new brand direction with a new brand voice that was caring, informative, professional, and relatable.
  2. The Walk created multiple landing pages that targetted the needs of different consumers by focusing on specific health services like medical certificates, STI tests, women’s health, and men’s health. By narrowing in, InstantScripts was able to reach a wider audience and provide more relevant content.
  3. The Walk created display ads, search ads, and social content to reach a wider audience and watched closely to see which ads were driving the most traffic to the website and subsequent landing pages.
  4. The Walk developed a series of emails that nurtured the InstantScripts customers offering deals, news, and service updates to stay top of mind and encourage re-purchase.
  5. The Walk requested feedback and customer testimonials to boost customer trust and acquisition conversion.
  6. After three months, The Walk proved they could outperform InstantScripts’ previous agency and began testing other online and offline channels including radio and television. A brand persona was developed to represent the ‘new face’ of the brand in the new TVC, which was then used across the board in other channels.


The Results

The Walk’s time and commitment to developing InstantScripts’ comprehensive marketing strategy and new brand identity resulted in sky-high engagement.

In just three months, The Walk doubled the results of InstantScripts’ previous agency.

  • Within three months, InstantScripts saw first-time sales increase by 19.3% and repeat purchases increase by 38%.
  • After three months, The Walk had improved InstantScripts’ sales by a further 50%.
  • InstantScripts had a 78% increase in website traffic, a 23% increase in CTR on Facebook, and a 14% reduction in cost-per-conversion.

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