The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing SEO Services

Outsourcing SEO services involves outsourcing search engine-related services.

Such as off-page optimization (link building, social media, and guest posts) and on-page optimization (metadata, keywords, and blog) to third-party companies, agencies, or individuals. It’s an excellent way to boost your digital marketing strategy. SEO can be complex, challenging, and time-consuming. However, outsourcing is the best way to ensure your digital marketing campaign’s success. This ultimate guide to outsourcing SEO services will help you learn more.

Benefits of outsourcing SEO services

Outsourcing SEO services can be quite rewarding for businesses. Here’s how your company can benefit from outsourcing these services.

1. Access to SEO expertise

Outsourcing your SEO lets you connect with knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled professionals. This means you don’t need to develop your digital marketing strategy in the dark or alone. When you outsource, these experts will optimize your site by implementing best practices and techniques to ensure your business enjoys high rankings and better visibility. Once you communicate your business priorities, a trusted SEO agency such as highervisibility will convert those details into a winning digital marketing strategy.

2. Outsourcing SEO is cost-effective

Hiring an in-house team is not only time-consuming but costly as well. The hiring, onboarding and training stages require time and money. However, when you outsource SEO services, you’re guaranteed access to already experienced and skilled professionals who constantly refine and upgrade their skills to match your changing needs.

SEO service providers are fully equipped with the appropriate tools your company requires to succeed. Partnering with these providers saves you the money you would have spent buying the required tools. You also don’t need extra office space and equipment, as providers can work remotely. This significantly lowers your marketing costs while helping you maximize ROI.

3. Saves valuable time

For your SEO efforts to succeed, you must take time to optimize your site and create quality content to increase SERP rankings. This requires a lot of time and may cause you to ignore other essential business aspects. Outsourcing saves time and lets you focus on other important matters to propel your company to profitability and growth.

4. Gets quicker results

Whether you’re looking to gain a competitive edge, grow organic traffic, generate more leads, build your brand, establish business credibility and trust, and ensure better website traffic, outsourcing to a company or individual can help you achieve all these faster than an in-house team could. Regardless of your business goals, outsourcing to an SEO agency is the fastest way to attain them. They have qualified, skilled, and knowledgeable teams of experts and the resources needed to ensure effective SEO efforts.

5. It ensures a more robust marketing strategy

Outsourcing to a reputable SEO agency can help you build a solid and competitive digital marketing strategy. They can take charge of your keyword strategy, content marketing, link building, thematic content development calendar, lead generation strategy, and more. This can help ensure your SEO efforts are well connected with the rest of your marketing efforts, like email and social media, while ascertaining that your user experience, user journey, and conversion optimization efforts aren’t negatively impacted.

Outsourcing SEO services: Pricing

SEO services pricing involves the expenses linked to optimizing a site to increase its ranking and visibility on SERPs. SEO services’ cost can significantly vary based on your website’s complexity and size and your industry’s competition level. SEO pricing may be impacted by existing brand exposure and awareness, current visibility in organic searches, business objectives and goals, urgency, competition, target demographic and audience, and an agency’s expertise level and location. Regardless of the provider you collaborate with, here are a few pricing models to consider:

  • Monthly retainer: This pricing model seeks to maintain a long-term relationship between you and your provider. It’s the best option if you the SEO agency to handle most of your efforts
  • One-time project: This pricing structure is ideal for companies with specific and comprehensive needs and an excellent grip on their requirements, plus a robust marketing plan already in place
  • On-demand and hourly: This model suits your business if you already know your SEO priorities and require occasional assistance to help implement your strategy. It’s the best option if your operations are budget restricted

How to outsource SEO services

Once you’ve decided that you’re outsourcing services, knowing how to do it successfully can help ensure you get the most out of your provider:

1. Outline your goals

Determining your SEO goals helps identify the agency to hire. If you want to generate more leads, increase web traffic, gain more organic traffic, or build brand awareness, look for a company that can help you achieve that.

2. Know the services you require

Once you determine your goals, knowing the services you require becomes easier. Decide whether you need detailed services, which can be everything from technical SEO to keyword research to link building and content creation. Determine whether you require help with local SEO, algorithm recovery, SEO audit, or reputation management. If you want comprehensive services, choose a full-service agency. Should you require only a few services, partnering with an agency that specializes in your relevant needs would be ideal.

3. Set a timeline

If you want fast results, SEO may not be your thing because it’s a long-term strategy. When outsourcing, you should be patient enough (at least 12 months) to see significant results. If your provider guarantees overnight success, avoid them because that isn’t possible.

4. Research several SEO agencies

Don’t choose the first company you come across when looking to outsource. Assess multiple agencies to determine their experience level, the businesses they work with, their unique selling value, their services, the technologies and tools they use, and more. Shortlist at least three of the companies that meet your selection criteria.

5. Pick an SEO agency

Go through your shortlist to choose an SEO company that has consistently demonstrated exceptional results for its customers. They should also have a clear communication strategy in place. Be clear on your expectations from the beginning to ensure a healthy working relationship and long-term success.


Outsourcing SEO can be rewarding for your business.

Consider consulting this guide when outsourcing your SEO services.