The FinTech Design Summit 2022

The FinTech Design Summit 2022, organized by Tech Circus, will take place on 15th-16th June online and 21st June at Cavendish Conference Center in London.

The FinTech Design Summit 2022 is dedicated to providing the community with the necessary tools to help craft experiences for the user, to give them the knowledge and ability to make empowering financial decisions with flexibility and confidence. The event will also focus on the product side of things. Some top-quality speakers who’ll be deep-diving into their processes and how they manage design within their businesses will be joining the event.

This conference will be packed with useful methodologies and case studies from some of the industry’s finest! This year’s overarching theme throughout the conference will be Building User Trust, looking at ways in which we can ensure we’re providing users with the greatest product experience possible whilst leaving them with a feeling of confidence and empowerment.

This year’s FinTech Design Summit aims to bring together exciting trailblazers within the space. The industry leader speakers will openly discuss ways in which they’re designing innovative products and services to give their users the greatest experience and opportunities possible to suit their specific needs – whilst creating buzz and disrupting the Fintech space.

Discover what’s on offer at the FinTech Design Summit:

You could really see that these speakers were passionate about their fields and had plenty of really interesting and useful material to share, the event was very well run and organised, with the right amount of talk time and break time. I will come to another if I get the chance! It was also great to see a better balance of speaker genders at the event.- Event Attendee – HELEN COUPER

The FinTech Design Summit 2022 is organized by Tech Circus. Tech Circus is an independent company that produces educational events for the community of product, user experience, block tech and marketing.

Tech Circus collaborates with global clients, agencies, and organizations to bring the leading experts in the digital market together. These connections allow them to create events with high-quality networking and educational content. Their portfolio includes weekly meetups (offline & online) full of inspirational talks, monthly workshops & webinars for hands-on skill development, and annual conferences featuring some of the industry’s most recognisable speakers and brands.

They’re a rapidly expanding team, now operating internationally recognised events in London, Manchester, Amsterdam & New York, as well as virtual events for a global audience. By providing an inclusive arena full of shareable content for professional growth, they have built an engaged community of digital practitioners. They hope to provide the service that enables tech professionals to grow their networks, skills, and careers; thus improving the digital landscape for all.

Spare your space on this great event and visit The FinTech Design Summit 2022 website to register! This online event is organized by Tech Circus on 15th-16th June online and 21st June at Cavendish Conference Center in London 2022.