Data Privacy Landscape for Travel Marketers 2024

Data Privacy Landscape for Travel Marketers 2024, organized by In Marketing We Trust, will take place on 27th March online.

Higher user expectations for ads privacy are driving both additional privacy regulations and technology changes that restrict user-level tracking. All these changes ultimately reduce the amount of data we can collect and therefore limit our visibility on users. For travel marketers the reduction in data can be huge, having to respect multiple regulations across the world. Independent and expert travel digital marketing agency, In Marketing We Trust, is hosting a Data Privacy Landscape for Travel Marketers webinar to help travel brands navigate privacy reform in 2024.

In this webinar with Paul Hewett, CEO of In Marketing We Trust and IAB Data Council member, along with Benoit Weber, Head of Digital Analytics, travel marketers will learn about cookie deprecation, GDPR and other privacy regulations that will impact them. While
users are demanding privacy from travel marketers, they’re also looking for personalisation, including personalised ads and recommendations on where to travel and stay.

Data Privacy Landscape for Travel Marketers - DAN - inpage

Key takeaways attendees can expect:

  • 1. Find out your privacy readiness and where you currently sit in the data privacy landscape
  • 2. How to bridge the gap and get up to speed with privacy regulations around the world
  • 3. Learn how to continue to measure and track your data
  • 4. Get platform solutions and recommendations to help you reach your privacy goals

In Marketing We Trust CEO, Paul Hewett, said:

“In the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape, travel brands are experiencing significant changes. These changes range from deprecating third-party cookies and increased consumer privacy regulations to the accelerated adoption of AI. “Acknowledging the concerns our valued partners in the travel community raised, we’ve taken a proactive approach. We’ve prepared a series of webinars tailored for travel marketers to address these critical shifts. Our goal is to equip marketing teams with the knowledge and strategies to navigate this new environment confidently.”

In Marketing We Trust has specialised in the travel industry for over ten years with clients such as Expedia, Skyscanner, Globus family of brands, Journey Beyond, KAYAK, Tourism Australia and Destination Gold Coast trusting them for their digital marketing expertise,
including data governance.

Hewett stated:

“We’re here to guide the travel community through these changes, ensuring travel brands are well-prepared to continue thriving in a transformed digital marketing ecosystem.”