Social Media Posting Time Myth Busters

At AntiSocial Solutions, we believe that efficiency is essential to success. We want to work smarter, not harder. In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, it is increasingly important to stay current, qualified, connected, and quick.

You can spend all the time in the world on a media project, but if you don’t nail down your posting strategies, your content may never reach your consumer’s feed. 

Luckily, The AntiSocial media department has your back. Our team created this easy list of posting time myth busters that covers the big questions: When is a good time to post? How often should you post? How do algorithms work? and more. Ensure that your message gets out to your people with these posting time best practices. 

Are There Good and Bad Times to Post on Social Media?

Myth: There are clear good and bad times to post.

Bust: Successful post timing depends on the platform, brand, industry, and target audience. For instance, a gas station is going to see a lot of web traffic early in the morning as commuters make their way to work. In the same way, a cocktail lounge is going to see a lot of traffic on evenings and weekends. But is that information specific enough to determine your posting times? 


For a truly efficient social strategy, you need to dig deeper. What about the consumers who work irregular hours? Or those looking for a quick happy hour spot? Focusing simply on generic “good” or “bad” posting times can isolate you from your larger audience. When determining your posting times, focus on the details: What do you sell? What is your industry? Who makes up the audience you are trying to reach, and when will they be most active on social platforms? Understanding your brand and audience is the key to successful post timing.

Algorithms: Do They Make Posting Time Irrelevant? 

Myth: Algorithms rule social media, so posting times don’t matter.

Bust: Algorithms help brand dependency and promote accurate targeting. Understanding algorithms alongside your industry specifications can help you optimize your posting times. 

Well-built algorithms combine behavioural data from millions of samples to determine which audiences have the highest value and what kind of content they will receive. Ideally, if your content is engaging, then the algorithm should pick it up. But that doesn’t mean you can go around posting while your target market is asleep.

The key to great digital marketing is inclusive strategies. It’s not enough to sit back and wait for algorithms to discover your content– you still need to participate. Creating a multi-level strategy that includes branding knowledge, audience targeting, and posting times will optimize your algorithm reach.

Do You Have to Post Every Day to Stay Relevant?

Myth: You have to post every day in order to be seen.

Bust: Always prioritize quality over quantity. Don’t get caught in a trap of multiple daily posts, only to lose your brand power with mediocre content. 

Learning to harness posting times is a great way to elevate your social strategies. More and more, social companies are targetting quality content over those who simply play the game. That’s where posting times come in. By understanding your brand, target market, and engagement times, you can capitalize on organic reach and ensure your content makes it to the front page.

What now?

The Fix: Ultimately, optimal posting times for your business can’t be determined in one blog post. You’re going to have to do some research because your audience is unique to you. Here are a few extra tips on determining the best posting times for your business.

  • Use insights to determine posting times. Most social platforms provide tailored data maps focused on your audience. You can find out when your viewers are most active, what kind of posts they engage with, and what times of the day get the most interaction.
  • Schedule posts with using social media tools to ensure you catch your audience when they are online. There are tons of scheduling platforms available to help relieve the burden of optimizing posting times. Make sales while you sleep!
  • Test your process. Nothing says marketing like a good-old AB test! Try scheduling posts at different times over several weeks and then analyze your data. Algorithms and audience habits change all the time. Never stop innovating your systems. 

Above all, know your brand and audience. Don’t be afraid to adopt new strategies and re-analyze old methods. The world of digital marketing changes every day and successful brands need to know how to keep updated.

If you need help, AntiSocial Solutions can plan and execute diverse marketing strategies, including brandingsocial media, and posting times. Our in-house media team takes content creation to new creative heights, ensuring that every post gets its time in the spotlight. Results speak louder than words.

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