Social Advertising Success Stories from Emote Digital

Social advertising is Emote Digital’s bread and butter.

It’s easy to adapt and change to hit targets. Provides massive returns on investment. Plus, it can work wonders for a business of any size. It’s one of the best ways to reach your audience with targeted advertising.

Their team of experts knows just how to ensure that your ads are turned into conversions with a scaling model. This means they start out small to ensure that when they go big — they get massive results.

To do this Emote Digital focuses on your specific goals and target market. Do you want to build brand awareness? Run a targeted campaign? Turn clicks into conversions? There are many different types of social media advertising.

The good news is Emote Digital can help discover which is most relevant to your business needs. They take care of it all with in-house creative and copywriting, campaign management, and in-depth reporting, leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

Social Advertising is a crucial part of any modern business. Take a look at how Emote Digital leveraged it for brands both big and small with fantastic results.

Rise up to the Top

Getting across complex ideas using social media advertising can be tricky. You need great copy, easy-to-read visuals, and specific audience targeting. This is exactly what they needed to do for Bakers Delight Franchise. Emote Digital ran campaigns over 12 months that included constant copy and creative refreshes to make sure their ads never hit user fatigue.

Emote Digital created a wide-reaching campaign to find the right leads first. Leveraging a range of advertising channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, Taboola, and AdRoll they created an expansive collection of creative and design output. The results were a digital strategy that was both highly in-depth and flexible.

By employing a wide range of both top and bottom of the funnel tactics to grow the quality of leads, Emote Digital helped Bakers Delight to expand its franchise network.

The results ensure that Bakers Delight continues to be on the rise.

  • 45% Increase in conversions from social
  • 29% Increase in franchise enquiries over 12 months

What’s for Dinner?

You can find them in kitchens and homes all across Australia.

salt&pepper came to Emote Digital for a complete digital overhaul. They started with social media advertising and search advertising services, followed and strengthened by SEO and content writing. And the results speak for themselves.

Over the course of their partnership, Emote Digital has quickly tapped into both existing and new audiences using a variety of ad formats to showcase existing and new products. The key was to show users content relevant to them, without overloading. This was achieved via all ad types across Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google Shopping, search ads, display remarketing, and YouTube ads.

They have seen amazing results with on-brand, appealing design and copy to create ads that really sell.

9.76xROI across 12 months for Facebook Ads

Keeping Time

Fix My Watch is a UK-based watch repair service with a difference. They collect your watch from your home and deliver it straight back to your doorstep. Plus, they can look after any luxury or antique timepiece as well.

A key part of social media advertising is the ability to build trust in an audience. It’s all about not just selling a brand but also the people behind it. In Fix My Watch’s case, it was the expert team of horologists.


Emote Digital created an online showcase that embodies the tenets of their brand: customer trust and satisfaction. It was through this consistent and clear messaging that has grown Fix My Watch. Emote Digital can see just how Facebook advertising has affected the rest of their online presence too. Their campaigns have also led to an overall increase of 48% in post engagement on social media, and a 31% increase in their overall website revenue.

Through sharp visuals and creative copy, they have created a marketing strategy that beautifully connects expert horologists to the customer.

  • 230% Increase in social traffic
  • 32% Lower cost per conversion than Google Ads
  • 31% Increase to overall website revenue since ads went live (3 month period)

The Finishing Touch

Erstwilder is a Melbourne-based label creating collectible, resin adornments from parrot brooches to jellyfish earrings. Each piece is unique in its character design and limited production run.

For Erstwilder, Emote Digital set priorities and goals from the very beginning. This meant their team was able to clearly see possibilities for growth and rectify existing issues. Emote Digital had clear goals for improved metrics and new campaigns, which culminated in rolling out an advertising strategy that was flexible and adaptable to each one of the range launches.

Since starting with Emote Digital, Erstwilder has seen its most successful months on record in terms of sales, revenue, and return on ad spend. Even Facebook was so impressed by their work they featured them!

  • 9.11x ROI since managing their advertising
  • 277% Increased revenue over a 6 month period
  • 2x Revenue in key regions across 3 months

Make Sure It’s Organised

Daily Orders are all about working smarter. They wanted an agency that could really take care of their media spend and make every dollar count. This required a deep understanding of their target market — mostly mums and teachers — and the kind of ads they would respond to.

This meant making cheeky copies filled with funny emojis and mum jokes. Emote Digital wasn’t talking down to their audience, but rather having a joke with them. Emote Digital used this tactic to create ads that perfectly resonated with the target audience.

Considering these requirements, Emote Digital launched social media advertising campaigns across multiple platforms to deliver amazing results — even greater than they expected. Emote Digital loved working with this highly efficient brand.

  • 7.32x ROI since working with Emote Digital
  • 85% Increase in ROI since working with Emote Digital

Kelly, Owner, Daily Orders said:

If anyone is considering working with Emote Digital, I would highly recommend them. My previous agency struggled to achieve a 5x ROI and these guys have smashed it consistently. Thank you.

Be Forever Faster

Global activewear brand PUMA needed a digital agency to help transform their beautiful creative into digital advertising assets that could cut through and push their e-commerce to the next level.

Emote’s team of designers worked directly with their marketing and creative teams to develop creative across advertising channels, email campaigns, remarketing, and more. This wasn’t just for an Australian audience but simultaneous multi-region management of multiple product campaigns and flash sales.

Emote Digital rolled out stunning creative across a number of key marketing channels including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Emarsys, and AdRoll. This new creative direction, alongside constant optimization of campaigns, last-minute flash sales, comprehensive Cyber Weekend promotions, and celebrity collaborations has meant they’ve seen a dramatic jump in performance and sales.

Through creating beautifully designed advertising to match their global brand direction Emote Digital has seen huge returns and consistently high performance. Emote Digital is determined to reach even higher goals for this global brand.

Why not get the most out of your social media advertising? Don’t leave it up to guesswork when they can maximize your advertising. With direct access to your dashboard and a dedicated account manager, Emote Digital can make sure that every dollar spent generates your business income.

When it comes to social media advertising it’s not just about putting lots of ads on different platforms. It’s about creating and implementing ads on the channels, most valuable to your business.

Emote Digital makes sure they deliver ads to customers that will engage with your products, at the right time and in the right place. This is why they consistently hit high return on investment targets.

Go and visit them today here and get in touch to talk about your digital advertising.

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